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Hello All,


I recently purchased an Akai EIE Pro to help Logic Pro 9 communicate with my external synth (Arturia Mini Brute) & drum machine (DR-202). I have no clue how to set this up in Logic so that it communicates midi with the external devices and records sound.


Does anybody know the best way to set this up or have any good resources that would be helpful?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mini Brute, DR-202, Akai EIE Pro
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    How about the Logic manual?


    http://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/9.1.6/en/logicpro/usermanual/#chapter=2%26sec tion=0


    The above section is a perfect read to get started with.


    There's also a lot of resources on Youtube.


    And of course the Akai manual that came with the unit.  Take a little time to know and understand the hardware you're working with.

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    The akai manual is extremely basic and did not provide much help, unfortunately

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    Yeah, user manuals ain't what they used to be....


    The link I posted should help. It has chapters on the basic hardware setup and Logic setup.


    Be sure and use the latest Driver for the Akai,  2.118   under Docs & Downloads. There's also a Firmware installer to upgrade the firmware in the unit.




    Looks like you could use standard MIDI cables on the Brute, or USB MIDI.


    Have you gotten that far?

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    If you are using standard midi cables on the Brute, there are a number of ways you may want to set it up, but most likely you will want to playthrough (send the MIDI to the PC and record it so that you can edit it nondestructively before sending those notes out to the Minibrute to record). This I would do by connecting your Keyboard via the supplied patch cables (and not USB) and then connecting the audio outs of your Minibrute to your EIE ins. You probably can do it by USB though.


    Create an normal audio channel (the classic way would be with an AUX) in Logic with monitor (the yellow box) enabled and the input channel set correctly and make sure audio in works, while also monitoring the note input box at the bottom for MIDI in. When you can see that, then the next step is creating an external MIDI track that will send audio back to your synth. When you work, you will drag stuff onto this track to play from your Minibrute's synth, but otherwise be able to play any instrument, software or hardware from your Minibrute.


    This is all assuming that theere is no/little software integration with the minibrute. I took a gander on the internet and found no info to the contrary so it should work fine.

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    I was able to get the audio input from the mini brute thru the EIE working with the above but the midi note communication from logic to mini brute then that audio being pushed back into logic is still not working properly...why?

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    I am currently wired as this; midi out from my midi keyboard into brute in, brute midi out into eie, brute audio out into eie and midi keyboard usb out into eie. eie into computer via usb

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    teamfiend wrote:


    I am currently wired as this; midi out from my midi keyboard into brute in, brute midi out into eie, brute audio out into eie and midi keyboard usb out into eie. eie into computer via usb


    This will not work, MIDI is NOT re-transmitted via the MiniBrute's Out connector, only MIDI from it's small keyboard will be transmitted.


    Try this, for now unplug all of the USB cables, they will only confuse matters.


    1. MIDI Out from your Keyboard in to MIDI IN of the eie, MIDI OUT of the eie into MIDI IN of the MiniBrute.


    2. Now you should be getting MIDI IN to Logic.


    3. Create an External MIDI track, in the inspector set it to the same channel as the MiniBrute is set to receive.


    4. You can now play and hear the MiniBrute, correct? You can also record a MIDI track that will playback to the MiniBrute, correct?

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    that did it, thank you!