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I screwed up big time! A while back, I was cleaning up my old iMac to get it ready to sell or donate and was trying to do a fresh system install, but it would not start up from the CD. So as a last resort, I moved the System folder to the trash, thinking that it would force the computer to use the startup CD. No such luck. Now, every time I try to start it with the CD, whether I hold down the "C" key or not, it ejects the CD, then continues trying to start from the hard drive, finally displaying this screen: http://www.kellycheek.com/iMac.jpg


How can I get this thing started if it won't see the startup disk?

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    Is the CD/DVD you are trying to use, the original, came with the Mac - new in the box at time of purchase, or an OS X System (10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6) Retail version disk?


    If the install disk is from a different model Mac than the one you're using it on, it will not work.


    Good luck.

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    I believe it's the one that came with the computer (I bought it used several years ago). So if that is not the case, is there any way to get the computer started again? I only want to be able to wipe the disk so the personal stuff on the computer is not accessible to whoever gets it next. Though if it can't be saved, I guess that's a moot point.



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    The PowerMac6,1 is the G4 iMac.


    What version OS is the disk you're trying to use?  Does it say Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, or Leopard? Is it a CD or a DVD?  Is the disk, black or gray?


    Did you try cleaning the surface of the disk?  Did you try using some compressed airto blow-out the inside of the super drive?


    Good luck?