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we are administering 20 MacBook Pro (Pupil´s PCs) via Remote Desktop on the 21st MacBook Pro (Teacher´s PC).


On all pupil´s notebooks there are 2 Accounts: pupil = protected via Apple child-proof-lock and teacher = administrative account with all access rights.


Now the teacher´s password for all 20 pupil´s notebooks leaked . We have set a new teacher-password on all 20 pupil´s notebook - the pupils account did not get a new password.


But now we can´t connect form the administrative Remote Desktop Console on the 21st teacher´s notebook to the pupil´s notebook anymore. An error message appears: "The login at PC-Name failed." ... and we can´t find a way to set the new administrative password for the 20 pupil´s notebooks in Remote Desktop Console. When we change the passwords for the administrative teacher-accounts on the 20 pupil´s notebooks back to the old (leaked) one, the remote desktop function is working.


The next problem is, that we can´t change the main Remote Desktop Password on the teacher´s notebook, because nobody knows theses password. It was saved in the keystore (bunch of keys = "Schlüsselbund" in german!) - so we can login to the console without typing it in. But when we try to change the Remote Desktop password, we have to give the "forgotten" password!


We are using Remote Desktop V3.5.3 464.3 - unlimited license.


Every help is very welcome...


Regards from Germany,



Remote Desktop, Mac OS X (10.5.8)