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Hello, I have an iPhone 4 16GB CDMA (verizon) Black. I had it Jailbroken on iOS 4.2.8... When I tried to restore, I successfuly got it into DFU mode and it started the restore to iOS 6 (trying to get unjailbroken). Then I got error 21. I tried to restore again and got error 1600. A few more 1600's and I ended up getting error 1604.


The point being, when I try to get it back into DFU, it turns off and comes back on in about 8 seconds to the Recovery Screen. Every time I try to recover, I get an error. If I can get it into DFU, I can bypass iTunes and use a Jailbreak software to just boot it up, Cydia free.


I know this is not the place to ask Jailbreak questions, but why am I stuck in this "Eternal Recovery Mode"? If anyone has a solution, please let me know.


ALSO: I have indeed DFU'd many times before and know how to do it. My main problem now is the eternal recovery screen, and I need to know hoe to escape it.... Thanks

iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.7, STUCK in Eternal Recovery Mode...D=