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I would like to take a printed page, scan it, and get it into Pages for editing and transfer to my iPad.  I can currently scan a page using the Image Capture on my MacBookPro, and get it into a readable PDF format.  I can drop the PDF into a blank Pages document, but the 4 page PDF shows up as a 1 page image.  Where do I go from here?  Do I need to obtain some OCR software that will export to .doc or .rtf, and then import that into Pages?  Thanks for your help.

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    If the end goal is to get a [multi-page]PDF onto your iPad, why not start there with Scanner Pro by Readdle? Providing you have a recent iPad, Scanner Pro lets you use your iPad camera as a PDF scanner.


    You might want to explore the Adobe PDF to Word online service built into Acrobat Reader XI for OS X. It is a annual fee based service. The output file(s) of this process can then be opened in Pages '09.


    The Reader interface looks like this:


    Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 10.32.50 PM.png

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    I can see how the Scanner Pro would be a useful addition to my App collection, and I may add it in the near future.  It looks like it would be alot faster than scanning using Image Capture.

    I checked out the Adobe web site and found the Mobile Adobe Reader App for free.  It will let me annotate, highlight, comment, and otherwise mark-up my PDF documents, which may be sufficient for my needs for now.

    Thanks for the lead.  I'll be looking to see if there are any other suggestions forthcoming.