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Hi there,


I'm not the world's greatest computer genius so please bear with me on this one.


I have been using a Power Mac G5 for the last seven years or so and recently purchased a new MacBook Pro.


Both were working absolutey fine, I have never had any problems with the G5.


I tried using the migration assistant to transfer everything from the G5 to the MacBook, but this didn't work.


I now can't log on to the G5.  The best I can do is get to the log-in box after a Safe Boot, I enter the correct password which is accepted; but all I get after that is a few seconds of the desktop trying to start up followed by a few seconds of blue screen, followed by a few seconds of desktop, then blue screen and so in a cycle.  If I do a normal boot I go straight to the desktop / blue screen cycle.


I have done a boot into single user mode and done the 'sbin/fsck -fy' thing.  Which did a file system modified before reporting the disk seems to be ok.


I have also started up from the original OS X disk and tried to repair the disk using the utility, again it performed a minor repair before saying everything seems ok.


I have no other user ids set-up apart from the one that I am having the problem with.


When I was trying to do the unsuccessful migration  I was asked something about merging or replacing user ids on the new system.  Unfortunately I can't really recall what I was asked and how I responded. 


The best I can think of is that there is a problem with my user account on the G5, however I don't know how to check this or what to do even if this was the problem.


You will not be surprised to here that there is lots of stuff on the G5 that isn't backed up elsewhere.


Please help!

Solved by BDAqua on Nov 29, 2012 8:45 PM Solved

Does the MacBook have Firewire, or Thunderbolt?


Does the G5 boot into Target mode...