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I'm having a problem with all EastWest Play instruments in Logic 9.1.8. When I try to load an instrument in either the standalone or plugin app, I get the following error message:


"Error: Play could not verify the license key for QL (instrument). Please confirm that your iLok key is plugged in and contains a valid license for this product."


I've contacted EastWest support and they've informed me that other Logic 9.1.8 users have reported a similar problem. They're working on a fix, but in the meantime they recommend reverting to Logic 9.1.7.


I downloaded the Logic 9.1.7 installer and saved it before I updated to 9.1.8. What's the best way to revert to 9.1.7?



MPQuad-Core2.8GHz,32GB,23"CinemaHD, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MacBook Pro 17"; 10.6.8; 2GB RAM
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    Never mind...I think I've figured out how to do it. I'll post the method if it works.

  • freevito Level 2 (290 points)

    OK...it worked. I successfully reverted Logic to v9.1.7. Here's how I did it:


    1. Download the Logic Pro 9.1.6 updater from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1519.
    2. Open the LogicPro9.1.6Update.dmg and drage the file LogicPro9.1.6Update.pkg to a location on my hard drive.
    3. Use Pacifist to expand the LogicPro9.1.6Update.pkg.
    4. Locate Logic Pro.app and Logic Node.app within the package, and drag them to a location on my hard drive.
    5. Replace the existing Logic Pro.app and Logic Node.app (v9.1.8) with the v9.1.6 versions of both files specified in step 4 (above).
    6. Download the Logic Pro 9.1.7 updater from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1014.
    7. Run the 9.1.7 updater to update from 9.1.6.


    There might be an easier way to do it, but the method above definitely worked.

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    What about projects I have already created using Logic 9.1.8? After I perform the procedure to downgrade will my 9.1.8-created projects become unusable with 9.1.7?

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    I don't think 9.1.8-created projects will become unusable in 9.1.7, but I can't give you an unqualified "Yes" answer in all cases, because I don't know what plugins you're using or any other details about your system. All I can tell you is that any project I created or saved in 9.1.8 still works in 9.1.7 on my system.

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    I understand. Thanks so much. I'm going to go ahead and try downgrading. If something doesn't work I will just have to decide which is more important. I can always come back up to 9.1.8 if I have to.


    Thanks again for all your help.

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    I've had this same problem for months now. It's infuriating!

    My problem is, I've downgraded to 9.1.7, followed the insructions provided on this page, but now when I try to load Logic 9.1.7, it asks me for my Serial number, and I don't have one because I downloaded it from the app store!


    Can I get a serial number if I ring up apple?


    Has anyone heard if EastWest has a fix for it yet?


    Would really appreciate anyone's help asap please! I have many projects to work on and this is terrible!



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    A client of mine had the same issue having downgraded using the updates using the same method from the Apple support website.


    The problem is those updates are for the boxed set of Logic Studio and not really for the App store version of Logic which is normally delta upgraded via Software Updates.


    He contacted Apple and was given a way of updating/downgrading without the need for a serial... so yes, give Apple a call.


    No solution from EW as yet....

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    Yes, this is correct. I have the boxed version of Logic Studio and have been updating it through software updates.


    I did run the downgrade procedure to 9.1.7 and everything is fine. I can use the E-W plugs no problem. The projects I created in 9.1.8 are not affected. It's a lousy way to have to solve a problem. I worked in the software business for over 20 years, and if I had told one of my customers they had to downgrade their software to get mine to work, I would have been fired.


    E-W seems to think that as long as there is a "work-around" (downgrading your software so that theirs works) they don't have to bust their butts to fix this problem. How's that for customer service?

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    It's also worth noting that the issue with EW's software is a problem with their programming and not something that is Logic's fault... Basically EW's software broke because they did some programming that didn't follow the proper programming guidelines but instead used a few 'shortcuts' which caused the problem they now face....


    It's something that happens from time to time with other Software companies...  but the attitude that EW have presented.. as was described earlier, that so long as there is a workaround then there is no hurry to fix the issue, is plainly wrong... and for me, is a good enough reason, not to trust and therefore not purchase their software in the future.


    The same applies to certain Audio Hardware companies who don't update their drivers in a timely manner (if at all in some cases) This is why I stick to Motu products because in the main, their drivers are ready and compatible with OS major updates at the time of the OS release to the general public (or very shortly afterwards) instead of other companies who release compatible drivers, sometimes up to a year later...if you are lucky!


    You have to do your research first before you either buy something or upgrade your OS... to make sure you won't get 'screwed' in the future... but frankly, a lot of people don't.. They buy something because of it's low price relative to the features provided..... or they upgrade because it's new and they want the 'latest and greatest' versions of something and there is almost always some kind of penalty to pay for such lack of judgement/research in the short and long term I find.

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    ...and for what it is worth...


    Here is a list of tips in regards to updating/upgrading/new purchases that I send out to all my clients... that I learned the hard way, to follow myself;


    1. Always create a clone of your stable setup/system HD using something like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! before you make any major changes to your OS and/or Logic. Then if anything goes wrong you can quickly and easily revert back to a stable setup. Don't rely on Time Machine backups for this purpose.
    2. Never update your OS or Logic right away but instead give it at least a month (or more!) to see how others get on with the updates. Yes, it can be 'cool' be on the bleeding edge of technology at times but you have to always weigh the pro's and cons of being so first!
    3. Only update if there is some real benefit to doing so..... For example there is no real benefit to Logic users to update from Snow Leopard to Lion or Mountain Lion as Logic itself doesn't get any better in Lion or Mountain Lion. You might benefit in other ways (example using iCloud) but specifically for Logic itself, there is no real benefit other than Full Screen Mode which still has it's issues!
    4. Always check prior to buying software/hardware that there are current compatible versions of that software/drivers etc.. for your current OS version.
    5. Always ask question in forums such as this, prior to buying any major software/hardware purchases/updates to gather together other User's personal experiences with your intended purchases.
    6. When doing a major OS update like from Lion to Mountain Lion... Always do a full fresh install of everything from scratch... and not just an update over the top of an older version/setup. Remember to follow Tip #1 first however.
    7. Don't rely on Migration Assistant to move your Logic data from one computer to another. As in tip #6 do a full fresh install of everything and manually move over any personal data you have.
    8. Finally... Whenever financially feasible... If using Logic is your primary means of earning an income... or if Logic plays a very important part in your life... Buy a dedicated Mac setup that is specifically used for that purpose and no other... Buy a cheap Mac Mini or a 2nd hand Mac for any other computer uses you may have...


    This is not an exhaustive list by any means... but I hope this will be of some help and prevent so many of the common issues that so many people post up about, time and time again.

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    Hi Art Of Sound,


    I REALLY appreciate your help and comments.


    Unfortunately I'm completely stuck once again, because I just called Apple and was told that it is impossible to downgrade when you download Logic from the App store.


    Can you please tell me how your client managed to downgrade their downloaded version of Logic. Apple say it's impossible.


    And I understand your recommendations about freezing your system when everything works. I have actually done my best to follow those kinds of rules you suggest -

    - Firstly, for decades I've had a separate "work" computer which usualy has everything running, then I have my laptop for all the other crap in life.

    - I've moved to the US recently from Australia to study Film Scoring, and in Australia I had a completely fine and working computer that I didn't upgrade, everything was working just fine - MBox2, Pro Tools, Logic, Sibelius etc etc, on Snow Leopard. I actually took an ISO image of the hard drive and brought it with me to the US. But when I got my new computer here, I tried the ISO Image HD and it didn't work - it just musn't have copied it propery. I thought It was doing everything right but it seems it just didn't work out. Totally ***.

    So I had to upgrade EVERYTHING and it was EXTREMELY expensive. Pro Tools 8 doesn't work, so I had to buy 10. I downloaded Logic from the App Store because my new computer came with a $100 voucher for the app Store, so at least I could stave some money. And of course I went for EastWest sounds. BIG MISTAKE!


    I'm going to have to try to contact EastWest again and see what they can do.


    In the mean time, as I said, can you please tell me how your client managed to downgrade their downloaded version of Logic?


    Thanks very very much. You've been really helpful and I appreciate it.