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    There are 3 install discs. I did the first two as instructed but the third one did not seem have anything on it other than instructing me to installthe first two discs. After installing the first two I did get the welcome screen etc. On the updates I'm assuming that being that I am now on a system with 10.3.7 it will tell me there are new updates to 10.3.9. Also there were no application updates, I realize I have to reinstall applications such as word etc but I thought it appropriate to update the OS first. I found the 10.3.9 update on the apple site but when I go through the install process when I reach the select destination drive it shows both the new internal hard drive and external backup drive but both show a red exclamation point and will not allow me to select them as destinatiopns for the update.

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    On older OSs you need to go one step at a time: 10.3.7 to 10.3.8, then to 10.3.9.


    And that third disc might contain that additional content (things like AppleWorks, at least according to the specs for your model). Before going in much deeper into the setup of the new OS, I'd recommend you to go back and reinstall the OS, taking the precaution of going into the Custom options and ensuring all (pertinent) options are selected.


    Alternatively, you could also try inserting disc 1 again (not booting to it, but rather while the comptuer is running)... I vaguely remember the option of installing the additional software being on that disc.

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    Okay, I'll try. As I said the third disc didn't seem to have anything on it other than a terse instruction to load disc one and two, but maybe if I do a custom install, or just applications it will then instruct me to loas disc three if that's where some of them are?? Also when the install was finished it went through the whole initialization process, IDs, passwords etc it asked me to register the system. Since the system is 7 years old and was registered when I bought it I bypassed this part. Do I still have to register it again? Could this be why the updates don't work? If I do a reinstall do I start from scratch, ie. erase and install etc? I might try inserting disc one first as you suggested to see if the Applworks application is on there.

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    Okay the latest update on my recovery. First I inserted the install disc 1 when the system was up and running. This did allow me the option to load "Bundled software". Under the "Custom" option I did find and was able to install Appleworks. The only way I was able to restore my home folder to the last update from my backup drive was to go through each backup chronologically and keep replacing individual files in document, library, pictures etc. A laborious process to say the least. The remaining problem is how to update the OS from 10.3.7 to 10.3.9 and eventually to 10.4.11. I guess I thought if I just select software updates the system would automatically look for and find the update software. Instead it just says my software is "Up to date". Interestingly when I reinstalled the Micro Soft Office package it prompted me for software updates automatically and took me through several updates to the current version. I did locate an update package for 10.3.9 but when I try to do the update both drives - the internal hard drive and the external backup drive - show red exclamation marks and won't go any further. Does this mean I have to try to find a 10.3.8 upgrade first? If I can get the OS upgrade done I should be okay to go.


    PS; I did find and install 10.3.8 and then 10.3.9 and am now upgraded to the highest level of Panther. I even upgraded Firefox to - not a great browser in my opinion. Final question. What do I need to go to 10.4. Do I need to buy the whole package or can I just buy an upgrade to go from 10.3 to 10.4? I found an auction on ebay for the tiger system discs for a G5 processor. Again do I need the whole package or just an upgrade disc?

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    Awesome on the AppleWorks install!


    And for Tiger, you would need to buy the 10.4 disc There is only one kind (no "upgrade" to it exists, so to speak, since the same disc allows you to do all types of installations.) I would recommend trying to find a retail version of Tiger instead, though, since the ones that came with other systems might only work with those systems if they were part of a restore set. Conversely, a retail copy would work on any compatible system. A quick search on eBay yields several results for these.


    A word to the wise: Not sure what your use for the computer is, exactly. But, just like you pointed out with your comment about Firefox, the software available for older OSs (such as 10.3 and 10.4) is usually not very good by modern standards, which means also that it is not very compatible with "modern" features. For example, Firefox 2 is not able to display content from a lot of sites, even "simple-looking" sites such as Gmail or Hotmail. Same with the version of Safari bundled with 10.3. Or, to give you another example, iTunes: the latest version you can run on 10.4 is iTunes 9.2. However, an iPhone 4 requires iTunes 10 to be able to sync with the computer, but that will only run on 10.5. And so on...


    There are a lot of examples, and what it comes down to is that less and less software (and hardware) is supported by "older" operating systems. With that, and since you're buying a new OS anyway, you might want to consider jumping to 10.5 instead of Tiger. Appleworks 6 should still be compatible with it, you can run newer versions of iTunes and Safari, and you can also install most versions of most common browsers in it. And lastly, Leopard introduces Time Machine, which makes the whole backup/restore process much easier.


    The downside is that your computer would run it a bit more slowly than it would run a previous OS (either 10.3 or 10.4) due to its higher system requirements, but it would run it nonetheless. It really depends on what you do with the computer, and on whether or not the extra features supported by Leopard are of any benefit for your daily use of the machine.

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