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  Hi Guys


  forgive me for this is a LOOOONG Post, certainly boring, TOTALLY SURREAL & something that could happen to anyone AT ANY MOMENT, just like that, effectively incapacitating you from functioning, please bear with me :


  for MANY years my original ID was nuno1959, one day it was suggested by a dialog box to ''make your primary email & your ID one & the same'' kind of thing which i thought made sense so why not ? i did change it -  i believe this was either when i bought my iMac or when iCloud came into being or so...


  now my ID was nuno1959@fastmail.fm & sometime after this edit, Fastmail started playing up with ANY emails i got from  by simply NOT opening them : i clicked on them & HOURS LATER they would still NOT open !?

  checked my email settings, nothing there that justified this behavior & concluded this was a Fastmail issue of some description, specially since every other email opened...


  not wanting to miss on threads i posted, followed or participated on here + everything else i get that is  related, i decided to edit my ID to my XXXXX@gmail.com but couldn't since this was what i used to set up my Mum's ID

   so i created another gmail account for her, logged into that XXXXX@gmail.com account & edited it to her new gmail account thus ''freeing up'' ( or so i believed.. ) the XXXXX@gmail.com - all seemed fine, i logged out & proceeded to go to my ID account to replace the nuno1959@fastmail.fm by my XXXXX@gmail.com address


  again it wouldn't let me do it stating '' email address is already in use'' or something to that effect in red...


  back to my Mum's account, etc, etc, etc, again all seemed fine, back to my account & again it wouldn't allow - by now NOWHERE in my Mum's account OR MINE was there ANY trace of that XXXXX@gmail.com i wanted as MY ID !!...


  this went on & on until for no apparent reason i COULDN'T log into my account anymore !? tried the ''forgot your password'' option, AppleID site would tell me verification email sent yet hours later NOTHING

   tried selecting ''answer security questions'' option, entered my birth date & the site would say ''...doesn't match info on record...'' or so again in red


  i decided to contact the iTunes Support which had helped me in the past with some ID related issue also....


  we exchanged emails for a couple of weeks, each email i got containing a new set of suggestions which i dilligently tried to no avail ( password resets, edit email addresses, etc, etc.. ) only by now & only heavens knows how, i had no longer 1 ID but 3 or 4, couldn't access any of them, reset their passwords, access their security questions or anything despite the fact that whenever i deal with password resets/user account edits i follow the tried & tested method of keeping notes of each step taken not get lost or confused which i KNOW is easy to happen


  all of this was irrelevant : i was out of my account(s), couldn't do a thing about it until finally iTunes Support gave me this  Support phone number for me to contact & request the Account Security Team's assistance which i called & did...


  the advisor who took my call before forwarding my call to said Account Security Team, told me having multiple ID's ''unwillingly'' it's NOT uncommon & decided to try helping me by suggesting i go to the AppleID site & do this, that & the other but stupid me instead of plugging in my headpones & typing with both my hands, i was typing with only my right hand & managed to enter some mispelled info thus making my access even more inaccessible


  anyway after another call i WAS FINALLY put through to the Account Security Team ! no problem they said, yes they confirmed i had by now several ID's but ''...don't worry, we WILL sort this for you...''

  i was asked my security questions, answered correctly, then was asked for an email address so they could send me a password resetting link by email.

  i did, they sent it &......i had to repeat this last part of the process at least 3 times in as many days since i NEVER got ANY emails they sent despite we tried all my email accounts ( all of which ARE working fine & getting emails from everything else on this planet !.. )


  this has been going on for a month now & meanwhile i was being ''badgered'' by my iMac asking for my password for iCloud every 20 minutes or so, then my iPhone decided to gang up with it & started doing the same as if i was being attacked by a bunch of digital piranhas & all i seemed to be able to do was click cancel, cancel, cancel, on those dialog boxes that suddenly had taken up my computing existence


  being stubborn as i am, i kept going back to AppleID.com & ram against it, trying to log in by any means possible


  today, out of the blue, i DID MANAGE to reset my password, my birth date finally matching what was on record ( how was it even possible it didn't is beyond me.. ) i could log in & i thought i was in heaven, right ? .....hum.....NOT quite !


  yes, despite having edited my Mum's original ID into something TOTALLY different & not having my XXXXX@gmail ANYWHERE IN SIGHT i still CAN'T edit my nuno1959@fastmail into that & funnier still ( surreal funny that is.. ) i can still log in to my Mum's account with BOTH her new ID & her old ( the XXXX@gmail.com i want to use for myself ) as if it's been etched with digital acid - WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON ?? i'm sure i made some gross mistakes in the whole process & own up to my responsibility in this debacle BUT....


  there is NO feasible explanation whatsoever why i NEVER got ANY of the password resseting emails the Account Security Team sent me - & i DON'T doubt they did for a second !!.. - & this made me realize how such a ID dependance can lead to a total disruption of things we take for granted : no software updates ( GREAT right ?.. ) access to my account here in the  Support Communities, etc, etc, etc.....


  now what i would REALLY like to know is :


  1 - given the potential for disaster why wasn't i IMMEDIATELY referred to the Account Security Team at the very early stages of it all BEFORE IT SPIRALLED OUT OF CONTROL ?


  2 - why on earth haven't i received to this day any of the emails which in THEORY would've allowed me resetting my password & access to my account ?


  3 - why the AppleID site insisted time & again the birthdate info i entered ( each & EVERY TIME ABSOLUTELY THE CORRECT ONE !! ) didn't match what's on record only to suddenly accept it ?


  4 - why is it IMPOSSIBLE to edit out of my Mum's ID the XXXXX@gmail.com - no matter what ?


  5 - why is Apple's ID system SO peculiar in it's implementation - a company which in my opinion DOES produce some of the very finest & friendliest of hardwares AND softwares !? i mean LOONG AGO i had a slightly similar trouble with my Amazon account AND IT WAS SETTLED IN 15 OR 20 MINUTES FLAT !!! does Amazon by any chance have A LOT fewer users worldwide ? or is it a LOT MORE vulnerable by any chance ?..................


  6 - why is it impossible under the present system to cancel/delete/reset/merge or edit several different AppleID's into one & the same ?


  7 - to whom/what department can i referr this trouble to in order for SOMEONE to look into what caused it to begin with & eventually ''fix it'' ?


  had i not succeeded solving it, the glitch which caused it disappeared OR BOTH, i WAS seriously considering if i wanted to remain a user of an OS/hardware which is SO dependent on this ID thing since from what i experienced, i TRULY believe that eventually even my hardware's useability would become seriously compromised


  taking all of the above into account i REALLY think a serious & in DEPTH REVISION of this AppleID system is in order, sooner better than later ! i know security IS of the UTMOST importance specially when sensitive personal data/credit card details are involved & AM ALL FOR IT but i believe being secure DOES NOT mean being complicated necessarily



  any light any user might shed on the matter will be most welcome - this has been a really horrific & gruelling experience, as stated before i DO realise i played a big part in it developing the way it did BUT parallel to that much more went on & definitely NOT for the better


  thanks in advance & for your patience

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2 Guardian Maximus 3TB+3TB Raid1
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    Apple would love your feedback at www.apple.com/feedback


    Sorry for your experience. You might have some luck submitting your problem to the Express Lane. They usually get back in 24-48 hours: expresslane.apple.com


    Choose iTunes, iTunes Store, Acount Management, and type "not receiving reset password emails."



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      Hi nickbyrd !


      thank you for your input !

      i did send them feedback at www.apple.com/feedback i always do if it's ''extraordinary enough'' but thank goodness it has been rare !

    as for your other suggestion, i checked but Portugal isn't ''covered'' by this expresslane.apple.com service


      i never had ANYTHING this bad happen before - talk about stress ! ;-)

    & as if this wasn't bad enough yesterday my iMac wouldn't boot but fortunately it was nothing more than a W.Digital My Book drive dying - it was the oldest one i had & it was kind of expected so....no biggie : i just disconnected everything at the back & it booted right up


      talk about being kept on one's toes !!...LOL...



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    You are a model of sensibility and rational positivity. We should all aspire to your standard when our technology fails to cooperate. I will continue looking into a solution in my free time.



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    Hi nickbyrd


    don't let the mature, laid-back ''chill-out'' tone fool you : i was THIS close to go get the aluminum baseball bat & go mental !!....LOL...


    what stopped me was that :

    1st - i remembered how much the iMac cost... :-b

    2nd - it suddenly hit me i DON'T have an aluminum basebal bat !....LOL....


      if not for that, i WOULD have pulled an ''Hannibal Lecter'' on my gadgets.... ;-)


      all jokes aside, in the heat of the moment these things drive me nuts same as everyone..

      but then, in retrospective & given enough cool off time, what can one do but try to learn something from it to avoid a similar situation in the future ? + obviously share it with others : after all i CAN'T be the only one this has happened to, right ? what are the odds ?...


      i appreciate your feedback & looking up a solution for what happened.

      i have been doing the same & as far as i can tell, yes, there are quite a few ''complaints'' out there about Apple's apparently idiosincratic ID system but i tend to take internet moaning & groaning with a pinch of salt :

    - on one hand those to whom nothing bad happens don't write about it

    - those to whom something bad DOES happen, tend to make A LOT of noise ( rightfully so, am not criticising.. ) making the problem appear to be worse than it sometimes is in reality..


      still as i said in my original post, i had once a slightly similar situation with my Amazon account & in 20 minutes tops it WAS FULLY SORTED - why that wasn't the case here - since i truly believe Apple is VASTLY superior in resources, know-how/man power, etc.... - is what's actually bugging me besides the month it took, the stress, etc.. of course, you know what i mean ?


      not being able to access my  Support Comunities account, this forum, etc... was what was driving me nuts despite the fact i subscribe to about 10 other Mac User Forums.

      fact is it's here i have consistently found the best advice given out by VERY knowledgeable people, people willing to put in their time & experience to benefit others, etc, etc...& loosing access to that was VERY upsetting !


      again many thanks, if you can look into it i appreciate it very much - personally i promise if i find anything relevant i will post back about it