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I'm upgrading my MacBook Pro. I am changing the 250gb hard drive to a faster 750gb hybrid drive. I have ordered a Seagate Momentus 750GB XT.


  • I need to use Snow Leopard as on as a have old PowerPC applications
  • I also want use Lion (which I currently use) as I assume many  applications I use will not run without it.


I have been told I would need to partition the drive in THREE; one for Lion, one for Snow Leopard & one for data & applications. Only I don't how to do this I have partition my external hard drive but issue that I don't know how much to give to which one and why?


I also need to know how to backup without Time Machine as I am backingup  in Time Machine in Lion. Things may not be backwardly compatible from Lion to Snow Leopard and also right now I don't know if I with allocate the as much capacity to the Lion partition.


All help appreciated, thanks.