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hello apple where ever you are, paid allot of money for thiese MBP with trust and faith Bit as you may see from my listing allot of problems


I trusted and invested in apple mac to get the job done being told reliable and powerful

Only to be hounded by problems ,


1  i movey on HD  export after fixing keep going back to giving me error 49. i got so much work to do. now broke spening out fixing stuf and buying soft ware.


2 Sick of my super drive not burning multi layer m i need to burn 8 GB dvds. lost a small fortune on this WHY


3 cannot export e mails with atatchments of less then 2 MB j peg photo files . In I mail on any account,


When will this all be fixed 2 years and more waiting  PLEASE work on this matter and fix it.


thank you .


Oh 4


slow in fact my wifes PC loads from compact flash 11 Gb in less then 10 min MY mac book pro more powerful 3 hours, Whay is this?


No one answere my forum questions so far. on all these. HELP!  Lion 10.7

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750
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    This is not Apple. This is a user to user forum. We are all users like yourself helping each other. If you would post your issues clearly with appropriate grammar for easier comprehension perhaps someone here can help. You can post in your native language if that's a help.

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    Sorry fisrtly my English grama is not that good although I have an IQ 122 Not good as i am dyslexic , takes a whyle to type and express my self and to top it I now have bell's Palsy  ..  on top of trying to get my business back . very stressfull, So this is not part of apple mac then ?  so how does  one get hold of apple by the throught.


    Any way thanks for viewing my request for help . i do need help urgent as i have a bride waiting for her photo and video  can you help? so im typing with one eye. and that one not good iether.  So sorry if this is not easy to read.


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