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My iPod touch says "No Content" when I go to 'music'.

In settings > general > usage: it says 40GB is free, which means all my music has suddenly disappeared.


My iPod touch is set to Manually manage all music; always has been & still is.

In iTunes it still thinks all the music is on the iPod, but it wont play. A shows if i try to play a track on the iPod. Under the summary in iTunes it says the iPod has 29.5GB of music on it - but clearly it does not.


What should I do? Just resotre the iPod completely?



background info*

I assume this happened a couple of days ago after syncing some photos, but I didnt specifially notice the missing music until today.

Last time I synced some photos it got stuck on 'step 7 of 7' for about an hour - at which point i unlugged the iPod, turned it off/on & synced it again - which then worked. But i suppose this could have somehow caused the music to get lost.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion