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Hi everyone!


I have a question regarding the setup of a new user account via OS X SL Server. Ever since we have added new users by using the server admin and groupmanager etc. After that we manaully installed all neccessary programs and what so ever including all needed settings on each new user's client.


My question now is, if there is a way to simplify and to automate this process, meaning that after creating the new user account on the server, the server should then automatically install all predefined software, take care for predefined settings etc. upon the first login of the user (I propably have to mension that we work with mobile user accounts so all our employees are flexible having the opportunity to use different clients but with their fammiliar settings, desktop etc).


I general I would like to achieve the following: tell the server what basic programs and setting to take care of after a new user account was created on the server. Then when the new user logs in for the first time, setting up his mobile user account (located on the server), SL Server then installs all predefined (non-apple preinstalled) software and sets predefined settings, so that only little adjustments are needed in future.


I have informed myself about the ARD and was thinking that from what I've read it might be a proper solution, but is that really so?


If you need any further input from me, please don't hesitate. I'm however looking forward hearing from you.




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    With the standard setup of Network and Mobile Accounts, only the Users folder has any presence on the Server.


    Applications are installed locally (and by hand) on each workstation or notebook computer.


    If you want to install a "standard" package of Mac OS X and Applications on each computer, you will have to set aside a typical computer as a testbed, create such a Net Boot / Net Install image, and move it to the "special place" on the Server and turn on that capability on the Server.


    The work involved in Setting up those images and testing them (and keeping the images up-to-date) is not trivial, and when I read about it in the Server manuals, I found I could only justify the work involved if the process of configuring new Macs was overwhelming because you had such a large number of units to set up.


    There are settings in WorkGroup Admin that allow you to capture an Account setup as a "template", so that adding an additional user does not involve quite so much tedious typing of User parameters. In addition, moving individual settings into Workgroups or Computer groups can make things easier.


    There is a forum section for Mac OS X Server, and the Users who frequent there are very knowledgeable about technical issues, but will likely politely suggest you read the manuals to get the Basic understanding required to ask more pointed questions.


    Another resource I have found extremely helpful (if your setup bears ANY resemblance to a School server setup) is this Australian site which offers step-by-step Server setup guides for several recent versions of Mac OS X Server as it is used in Schools:





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    Thanks for your answer! I'll keept your advice in mind the next time we're setting up a new client. Thank you very much! Enjoy the holiday season!