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Hi, is there a way to export from FCP 7 to  DVD SP without compressor and still have a high quality SD video?



  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6 (11,495 points)

    Compressor is the encoder of choice on the Mac without paying thousands of $

    An alternative encoder, and the only one I use is Bitvice:     Innobits Encoder BitVice


    You could, send a QT straight into DVDSP, but this does not encode at anywhere near the efficiency, functionality and performance that a specialist encoder can do.

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    What Gary said. You'd be kind of short-changing yourself – putting the necessary effort into DVDSP authoring and not using Compressor as the encoder. But if all you wanted was a good quality disk and didn't care about menu complexities, using the Share function in FCP would bypass Compressor and give you pretty nice quality with a very basic menu.



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    Hi and thank you for your replies. I have invested in Compressor and am awaiting encoding. I had imported to DVD SP a straight QT but the quality was definitly not what I was hoping for when the DVD was finished. On Compressor I've opted for the MPEG 2 for DVD setting. I presume this is what I should be using as opposed to the Dolby Digital Professional setting? One other thing, in FCP when exporting as a QT mov do I choose Chapter Markers or DVD SP markers?


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  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6 (11,495 points)

    in settings choose > DVD best quality 90mins

    or the other durations if over 90

    choose 16:9 or 4x3 as appropriate


    you need both  Dolby 2 for sound and MPEG2 for video



    you only include markers  if you have set them up in FCP:

    chapter markes to link to marker points  in DVDSP and comp markers to set an i point for advanced compression settings

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    Thank you Gary, I'm using Compressor 4.0.5 so there is only MPEG 2 for DVD and of course now that I look at it Dolby is obviously for sound and should be selected also.  I have inserted chapter markers in FCP so thanks for that also.


    Cheers for all your help.