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For ages now, my Mac Mail has received any incoming mail very irregularly, sometimes instantaneous as sent, sometimes nothing for an hour and then 6 at once, and its driving me nuts.   Mails appear on my iphone almost instantaneously.


I have spoken with my Mail/Domain providor, who erfuse to be overly helpful, and state they 'cant support Mail programs etc'.

They say that if it is coming thru on my phone, the problem is not at their end.


However, I've nowhere to ring for mac Mail support- my iMac is 4/5yrs old.......so does anyone have any ideas ?


As I say, ALL emails appear to come through eventually, just not instantaneously, and sometimes only when prompted by asking it to 'Get Mail' etc.




Thx all.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)