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Hi Guys and Gals,


Ok this is a bit on an odd question, but hoping someone maybe able to shed some light on it for me.


Currently using a Mini server running Mountain Lion and Server OS X,


Have got software udate turned on and have pointed the client machines to server. All works/worked brillaintly.


Howerver, on the last update that it needed to do (iPhoto 9.4.2) I had this issue, all the machines were taking ages to get the file.


However, if aiport was switched on when I clicked update then it would say time remaining 7hrs, if I plugged in an ethernet then the download would fly through to 213mb (of 747) and then slow, so then if i unplugged the ethernet leaving only airport it would then fly through the rest of the update.  This wasn't that much of an issue as only had about 15 macbooks (white) to do. 


However, I am having the same issue, with that update on my macbook airs (about 50 of the buggers), because the server is behind an externally administrated proxy I cant spend the time downloading the update seperatly as belive me 747 would take ages, but it is cached, yet they wont bring the cached version down.  And obviosly the Airs dont have ethernet for me to use my little work around!


Anyone else encountered similar or have any suggestion.


Many Thanks



OSX Server 10.8, OS X Server