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New problem in iDVD with disc not playing slideshow on DVD player.  I am burning the slideshow onto disc using DVD +R as I always have done.  However, once the dvd is written and verified, it WONT play on a DVD player, only my Mac?  This never used to be the case.  Hoping its not a hardware issue!  Can anyone help please?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    There are more than one thing about this - But as You've done and used DVD+R before - first thought is


    • Dust on the DVD-Burner Laser Lens - I use a DVD-Cleaning disk (with brushes - NO Liquid) now and then


    Other thoughts

    • Cheap DVD Brands - Usually do not work as Memorex, NoName etc.

    - I only use Verbatim


    • DVD type - DVD+R is a more modern format and older DVD-players can not playback these

    - I only use DVD-R (Never ever DVD+/-RW)


    • Burn speed matters - full speed and many BURN ERRORS

    - I always set this down to x2 or x4 - Plays on many more DVD-players


    • Save as a DiskImage

    - I always do - to see that all works as I like it before burning - then I use Disk Util tool or Toast™ to Burn

    ( This has ONE Major Advantage ! it splitts the DVD process into two parts and if anything goes wrong one can pin the problem to one of the parts )


    • Free Space on Start-Up (Mac OS) Hard Disk

    - for SL-DVDs I secure a minimum of 25GB free space - for DL-DVDs 50GB and if HD-Material is used about 4 - 5 times more to let iDVD and Mac OS run OK during Process.


    Yours Bengt W