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Was re-arranging the Computers when I started up the Mac Pro 2,1



Mac Pro


2008 ish

Quad-Core Intel Xeon

3 GHz

8 Core



ATY,Radeon X1900

512 MB


The Graphics card fan runs hard on start up

the quiets down

Then speeds up for about 1 second before

going quiet & being ready to work on the screen

Total boot time about 22 seconds


All was well until I shifted the older 2 G5's

to intall the Pro into the craddle

On start up, after the initial fan roar, it started to click

I know it wasn't the main HDD, coz its Solid State

So I removed the side cover to see the 2 Red LED's

on the Graphics card and the 8 Red LED's on the RAM boards

(4 each board) flashing all together


The Graphics fan seems to be caught in the final cycle

to power up (That 1 second before showing whats on screen)

Repeating over & over .. then it shut down

I removed the 2 DVI cables connected to the computer

and restarted it

It booted up with out fault

I then connected the 2 screens and the main screen showed the deck top

as usual and the other had lost the logo (showing the space picture)


Question is.. where do I start to look


I used TechTools to check the function of the grapfics card

It passed all the tests I could do with this program

I ran other scans and it all came back as Passed


Seems when there is a load on the card, it does this....

But only just today this started

Been cruising along great never missed a beat ..... until now


Hope some one has a little glimmer of hope for me 


Thanks guys & gals


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), ATY,RadeonX1900/240gb SDD/9gb Ram
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9 (60,880 points)

    It is a 2007.


    You should have been giving the x1900 a good shaking every 3-4 months (as in pull, blow out dust, clean, replace).


    Dump the X1900


    FBDIMMs run hot. Keep them below 70*C. Replace every 3 yrs.


    TTPro / Deluxe doesn't do GPU errors and problems or much else hardware wise (MacEKG was cute though!)


    Hardware Monitor is tops in monitoring

    SmcFancontrol is a must to set fan profiles and set default to 900 rpm

    Data-Vac is safe effective dust buster $54

    Amazon has 2x2GB FBDIMMs $40 (I use them, they are the best you can find, ever) but 2x4GB will drain your wallet faster than a bullet train.

  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9 (60,880 points)

    I shifted the older 2 G5's


    That is less clear and what you meant to say was....?


    You took hdd from a PowerMac? reformat and set to GUID after you backup and clone the data volumes and restore. They can cause trouble. Especially if there is a system on one of them. They 'might' or 'should' but never are safe to leave as the format they have.

  • Mark C1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi & thanks for your input


    I think I understand your 1st reply

    The 4 Drives installed (including the SSD) run a temp of

    Front bay 1 = 91 (33 C)


    Rear bay 4 = 106 (41 C)

    It is sitting open and fans are quiety spinng exhausting the heat

    out the back

    Doesn't seem to mind..

    Its turning to summer now here in Australia ..the older G5's run a little hotter

    without problem.. All have standard HDD's


    As for the HDD.. No.. I purchased a NEW Solid State Drive

    and installed a fresh 10.6.. then upgraded the sofeware through

    software update

    the Disc utilites show

    Partition Map Scheme :          GUID Partition Table


    I had also pulled it to pieces earlier last month to clean it ..

    The dust that these machines capture is amazing

    (Actually planning to put speaker cloth infront to save it entering)

    The Graphics card was brushed with a soft paint brush & vacuumed

    and put back.. the fan too was brushed & sucked..

    So no dust now I can say

    Worked well until I decided to shift it all ...


    Old saying... .. if it ain't broke .. dont fix it  ..


    Will read any other ideas as they come to hand


    Thanks again

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (53,445 points)

    When your Mac will not chime and boot up normally, the conventional procedure is to remove everything that draws power until you get the chime -- remove all graphics cards, all PCIe cards, all Drives, and all memory except the minimum (one pair in this case).


    Once you get a chime, add back the graphics card to get visibility. Only then do you add back a Boot drive (only). Then bring on ONE item at a time, testing after each addition.




    You have added a boatload of questionable stuff all at once, and are now complaining nothing works. Go back to basics -- ONE item at a time, testing after each addition.



  • Mark C1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi again ..

    Sorry if I miss informed you with the start up..


    The machine chimes at all times as normal after pushing the button

    It just starts to flash the red LED's on the Graphics card & Ram boards

    and cycles..

    Graphics card fan spins up for that 1 second.. then the clicking begins

    then it spins up again for that 1 second, then clicks again

    This repeats over & over until it shuts down or I turn it off

    While it is clicking.. the red LED's are flashing


    Its only when I remove the DVI cables (that connect the 2 screens.. on or off)

    does it go through the motions and completely boots up

    Then I connect the DVI cables & all is good..


    Will see if I can swap the Graphics card with another Pro to see if that is the



    Thanks again for you input

  • Mark C1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Update everyone


    Completely at a loss of why .. I completed the install of moving the

    G5's and Pro to where I wanted them in the rack

    Hooked everything up (cables to all machines.. usb/dvi/network etc)


    Powered the G5's up to check all was ok .. Everything checked out ok


    Powered up the Pro ... and it come to life without a click/bump or other


    Seems to be working perfectly now

    Maybe its a case of individual personality and was a protest of the move

    until it learnt it was in a better spot


    Anyway ...

    No reasons

    No answers

    No complaints

    Just confussed


    Thanks to all that looked in or gave a lending hand