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I have logic 8 pro contents, if i purchase logic 9 pro, will I be able to install the logic 8 contents so I do not need to purchase a full version of logic pro 9log

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    If you purchase logic pro 9, you will get the logic 9 contents with logic 9 and will not need the logic 8 contents. Logic 9 has everything that logic 8 has and more, you will not have incompatibility issues with opening logic 8 compositions that use older sounds if that is what you are wondering. If it's a bandwidth issue and you are buying from the Mac App Store, aside form core logic program itself, all upgrades have files needed updated by logics in-app library downloads, so if you already have the logic 8 library then updating it to logic 9 will need a much smaller download.


    The only other reason I could see you asking that question is piracy. What exactly is your concern?

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    Hi, gen, thanks for your reply, my concern is simple, if i can install the contents from my logic 8.  Then, I am not going to purchase logic pro 9.  I will only purchase the logic 9 which will save me quite a lot of money.  Since, I don't see much different on the contents offerring by logic 8 and 9.  Thanks again

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    There is no "Full" or "Partial" version. There is only the App store version ($199) which includes all of the additional content (except the discontinued Waveburner and Soundtrack Pro. Mainstage is a separate purchase from the app store. 


    The problem is Logic 8 will only allow an install on older operating systems that have the Rosetta PPC emulation, the L8 install disk uses some PPC code.


    There is a program called Pacifist that allows the user to extract programs and data from install disks, you might check into that.

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    In short, if you are buying a boxed copy of Logic Pro 9, the suite will include basically the same apps as Logic Pro 8. You would be better off buying it from the Mac App Store, but only after you have installed Logic 8 and all the apps that come with it using Pacifist, as mentioned above.


    Like I said though, the sound libraries between 8 and 9 are similar but not identical. You will need to upgrade them but they come in all versions of Logic 9 availiable... unless you happen to have a friend that copied disk 1 and then sent it to you, which I then would refuse to help you with.


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