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quannie Level 1 Level 1

when i purchase a app from the app store... they send me the terms of agreements threw mail.. but when i scroll down theres no agreement button.

iPad 2, iOS 6
  • GrumpyGator Level 5 Level 5

    It's there, trust me its there. You also have the option to have them emailed.

  • mary jfromca Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem putting in another iCloud mail account.  The agree button was covered up by the keyboard.  An Apple Care guy spent two hours trying to fix it and finally referred me to the Genius Bar yesterday.  The only way we could get to the hidden agree button was to click on the button on the lower right corner of the keyboard and click both the undock and split buttons to get the keyboard up and out of the way.  I could then click on the agree button.  Clearly, something is wrong and needs to be fixed, but this is a quick fix.

  • Aviation01 Level 1 Level 1

    no button once i get to page 54 and no key board comes up