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OK, I did alot of research and I've read all the "add the phonetic field" stuff. My wife's name is Elisha (pronounced like Alicia) and Siri pronounces it like Elisha, with a long 'I' like Mike. I tried a number of thing and couldn't get it to pronounce correctly. I found that if I create a new contact with just her mobile number, and the phonetic field filled out with "Alicia" Siri will pronounce it correctly... but if I add ANY info (birthday, a 2nd phone number, emails, facebook... ANYTHING at all) Siri goes back to calling her Elisha with the long "I". And, if I remove any of that info and go back to just her name, phonetic, and mobile number... Siri calls her "Alicia" again. Any ideas on a fix?


The only thing I can think of is to have 2 contacts for my wife in my address book, with the "correct" one linked to my profile as my wife so I can call and text her with Siri and get the correct pronunciation, and then have a secondary contact in my address book with her work numbers, facebook, birthdays and all that jazz... it would work, but that's just no fun, right? Apple help!!!


Thanks for any help in advance guys!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1