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    @paulsalter, agree with most of what you say, but I want to note just one difference based on my experience so far -- UpNext does not automatically play each song in the playlist exactly once.  It may repeat the same song a few minutes or an hour later -- several times over the course of an afternoon or evening.  In this way, it is like ITunes DJ, even though UpNext lacks several other features of ITunes DJ.  My complaint -- on top of the loss of functionality that others have noted -- is that ITunes no longer allows us to do this precise thing: that is, play through the whole play list in random order, playing each song exactly once,.  So that is another loss of functionality in ITunes 11, in addition to the several lost of features of DJ.

  • paulsalter Level 2 Level 2

    Thanks for that bit of info, I will need to test it a bit more, if it plays songs more than once then this is looking good


    How are you starting the playlist, I have been hitting the randomize button at the top of the playlist

  • TAB1993 Level 1 Level 1

    I believe I hit the randomize button right next to the Playlist title (above the list of songs).  Yesterday was my first day using, and I think that's how I started off during my initial exploration, then I just listened to that playlist for several hours. Maybe three or four repeats came up in the first hour.  They weren't very common after that, but at least one per hour I'd say (from a play list of about 250 songs). 

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    Most users never even tried iTunes DJ. So removing it to simplify iTunes is the right move. Now I have an idea for Apple. Create iTunes DJ software for Mac & Windows that is separate from iTunes, but uses the library. Create paid software and mobile app for the host (I would GLADLY pay for iTunes DJ) and free mobile apps for houseguests. Until iTunes DJ is back, I also won't be upgrading.

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    Hello All.


    Itunes DJ is still there.  But it is kinda hidden.


    You have to select the "songs" tab  ("morceaux" en francais) and play any song.  Then click on the "up next" icon and you will see all kinds of differents songs up next.  An infinite list.


    This will not work if you are working in the "Artists" tab, "playlists" tab or other tabs.  Well, it will work but the "up next" feature will only choose songs from the same album if you are in the "album" mode.


    Everything is fine

    I think, so far.

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    Please read the whole post. You are mistaken, what you have discribed is not iTunes DJ, it offers only a subset of what is possible with iTunes DJ.



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    So if my 5-6 playlist has 500 songs in it that I want the possibility of being chosen to play and I click and hold to add that playlist to Up Next, what happens at 6:01 when I want to start playing songs from the 6-7 playlist that also has 500 songs in it?  Do I have to wait for 5-6 to finish or will adding 6-7 move in front of 5-6 in the Up Next playlist?


    In DJ, when I changed playlists, it simply replaced the 10 songs that were queued from 5-6 with 10 new ones from the 6-7 playlist.  Plus guests with IOS and remote could request any song only from the active DJ playlist so no GnR before 9PM :-)

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    And don't forget that you could "lock" songs in iTunes DJ by using the "add to iTunes DJ" selection when right clicking on a song. So that when you did change the playlist in iTunes DJ those songs wouldn't be replaced. iTunes DJ was an amazing tool for parties, for... wait for it... for DJing!!!!!!!

  • Oliviergag Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I gotta admit we did lose something.  Let's hope Apple will consider these grievances and make the adjustments.

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    I've set up this work around using a Smart Playlist that can be easily modified. I hope it's helpful.


    got to FILE - NEW - SMART PLAYLIST with these rules:




    Add any other rules you like, for instance; GENRE - DOES NOT CONTAIN - CLASSICAL


    The Playlist will appear in the Side Panel as - "playlist"

    You can change the name there by clicking on it and change it to, for instance - "~SHUFFLE ALL MUSIC"

    The "~" will make it will appear at the top of the list and will have all your checked music with the shuffle function in it.


    You can right click on any song including in the play bar to add it to a regular playlist or just drag and drop.

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    this doesn't allow the currently playing song to continue

  • Sam Miami Level 1 Level 1

    that goes away when you add another Playlist to Up Next

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    that doesn't solve the problem either, cause if you want to change from one playlist to another, Up Next won't shuffle the new playlist when you add it.  To elaborate, iTunes DJ used to have a drop down that allowed you to select what Playlist it was getting music from.  When you changed the Playlist, it would pick the songs from the newly selected Playlist at random whilst leaving the currently playing track alone.  I am rolling back for this feature alone, as I have tried to replicate the functionality using Playlists & Smart Playlists in iTunes 11.  It doesn't work.  If I make a Smart Playlist that only includes songs from one Playlist, then iTunes stops playback when I change the edit the Smart Playlist & tell it to change the Playlist it's getting songs from.  If I make a standard Playlist, put all the tracks from another Playlist in it, hit Shuffle, then delete all the tracks from the new Playlist other than the one that's playing, when I add another Playlist to the new Playlist, it comes into Up Next without being shuffled


    as far as I can tell there's is no workaround that allows me to use the new version as I'd like to (indicated in bold text above).  Hitting Shuffle on a Playlist ceases playback of the currently playing song & immediately begins playback of the Playlist that you just hit Shuffle on.  Play Next & Add to Up Next don't Shuffle the songs.  Goodbye iTunes 11

  • Les Vogt1 Level 1 Level 1

    My songs continue and I can add Songs, Albums and Playlists to the up next. I can also drag from Up Next to Playlists.


    Smart Playlist.png

  • Les Vogt1 Level 1 Level 1

    I never used DJ but I appreciate your situation. Good luck.

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