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  • pbgiv Level 1 Level 1

    @Neorich (and anyone else who does not want to update iTunes),


    You can get Apple Update to quit pestering you to update iTunes:

    - in Apple Update, select only the iTunes update, then click "Tools", then "Ignore Selected Updates".


    Apple Update will then hide the update.

  • -Xlink- Level 1 Level 1

    Not quite.... The new iPods are requiring the latest update to iTunes for syncing now:/

  • pbgiv Level 1 Level 1

    Bummer! I've never owned an iPod, so wouldn't know - always have had my music on my phone*...  Is that the case for iPhones too? I hope not! I'm just now rolling back to 10.7 and was assuming it wouldn't create any problems with syncing my phone. Any words of caution or direction?



    * Just came over to the dark side with an iPhone after webOS and the wonderful Pre phone series imploded under the idiot Apotheker at HP.

  • -Xlink- Level 1 Level 1

    I have to assume its one of 2 things either you will only be notified for a required update on the new iPods and iPhone 5 or its a notification that is displayed for all iOS above 6.1

  • Neorich Level 1 Level 1



    Would if I could!




    I've checked the "don't remind me again," option any number of times.

    I can't find the area you're talking about, about shutting down the update option but then, maybe that's not available in "Windows?"


    I've avoided the "There's a new version of i-Tunes," reminders, but I'm still receiving a general reminder at least once a week where a box appears sometimes when i-Tunes isn't even running which prompts me to update, there are also options there for i-Cloud.


    I have 2 ipods, one 1st Gen Nano, which is still going strong and a more recent 120 Gb Classic..

  • pbgiv Level 1 Level 1

    WHOO HOOOO! Successfully rolled back to 10.7!!!! I have DJ back! And thanks to Match I have all my current playlists restored! I am a happy man!


    Sorry @Neorich! It must be the iPod issue that @-Xlink- mentioned. What you might not be able to find that I was referring to is the Apple Windows app "Apple Software Update". When I go in there and check for updates, it finds the iTunes update, and then allows you to "ignore" (hide) it from "tools". (And after syncing my iPhone successfully to iTunes 10.7 again, and then checking updates, it is still hidden. Yes!!!!)


    I am excited!!! Been frustrated for a month!


    Rollback pages I used:


    The one thing I had to do that I didn't find mentioned is getting the old iTunes library to see and add music added since that backup - here's what I did to get it to read the folder again and add anything new: select File > Add Folder to Library > [folder where I put my albums]


    Oh, also, the new version of the iPhone app Remote immediately worked like it used to with DJ and the "Request Song" function, etc... Yes!!!


    No more iTunes updates for me until the DJ functionality restored to current versions...

  • woody90069 Level 1 Level 1

    I totally agree with all the others that said shuffle is NOT itunes dj. Hello, Apple - BRING IT BACK!

  • -Xlink- Level 1 Level 1

    If any of you guys haven't found the Facebook page to try and get dj back search for it

    It's called " we want iTunes dj back " like the page if you haven't and share it please. We can only hope that we can get dj back soon

  • IshBish Level 1 Level 1

    Our posts about the facebook page are being deleted - DO NOT POST ABOUT IT UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!!!

  • IshBish Level 1 Level 1

    2 More pages until the benchmark of 30 pages! By the way, please search for our facebook page - it's called 'We want iTunes DJ back". If we get 30 pages, something has to happen.

  • IshBish Level 1 Level 1

    If your post gets deleted, look at the apple T&C's:


  • airplayuser Level 1 Level 1

    Have Apple provided any feedback on this issue yet?


    I am very nervous about rolling back and frankly do not see why I should spend more of my time papering over the cracks in v11.


    Used the new iTunes at my NYE party - a real step back and guests missed the old request system. I also had to stand at a home sharing laptop pretty much all night to make sure things played in the right order, no gaps, etc. Setting up the playlists was also mouch more awkward without the ability to open in seperate window.


    How I got round the issue on NYE....


    iPhone/iPad Remote app is now redundant - but with home sharing on and a spare laptop (albeit wired to my home network) I was able to use my central library (On a NAS wired to my MAc in my Office upstairs), ustilise crossfade (missing if tunes located on iCloud and not dowbloaded) and play over the various airplay devices I have in the house (iPad and iPhone music only lets you play to one deivce). It did the job but was not as slick as DJ

  • chad-4 Level 1 Level 1

    I think most everyone is missing the point. Up Next may help the account holder or the party host, but the beauty of DJ was that you could have guests vote for songs and impact the playlist.  This was a huge hit at parties.  I am very frustrated this was removed.  Does anyone know of an alternative to allow guests to vote for the playlist order?

  • casaozeta Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, Please bring iTunes DJ back!

  • gmorgjr Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for these links, and thanks to eMac consulting Joe Sterno!  I was, with a lot of work, able to go back to 10.7, and there is the DJ!!!!!  Yeah!  So I'm a PC guy who only bought this Mac, and a macbook air, for a couple of years now. 


    I'm concerned about the evolving ecosystem from Apple.  For example, I had to move a lot of files from my iMac drive to an external drive--Try moving a batch of files from one drive to another in Mountain Lion.  It takes an act of congress, and it works about as well as our current congress in getting things done.


    These totalitarian adding of features and removal of features coming out of Apple are quickly pushing me back towards windows 7.  Another highly irritating change with the Lion rollouts is the removal of 'save as' in the iWork package. 


    Who is thinking this stuff up, and then who does Apple think is going to teach we users how to use these features or lack of features?  And if people at apple think these are improvements, then who is going to teach all of us millions of users how to leverage and incorporate these new 'features' into our work habits? 


    it all seems pretty wierd to me.

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