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  • DesignerCow Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, when my "main computer" the iMac gets back from the Apple Store from repair #2 (in 6 months) I will give this a try.  I'm limping along on the backup MBP and can't back up now since I need the old backup to breathe life into the iMac when it gets back.


    I've given my "feedback" to Apple re: iTunes 11.


    I am so afraid they are dumbing down the MacOS and apps to make it act like an iOS device.

  • rthomaslyons Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone actually ever had a response from Apple on the iTunes DJ or any other issue for that matter.  I quite often get replies from other hardware and software companies but never from Apple. Do they actually receive this stuff and respond to anyone or does it just go into the junk mail folder?

  • bqt Level 1 (0 points)

    I complained about an issue with the App Store on Mac, and got a response from them. However, based on that experience, I wouldn't hope for much.

    The conclusion that time was pretty much "we don't understand why you have an issue, this works great, you must just not understand how to use our products".


    (The issue I reported then was that I could not choose which language I had the App Store, or iTunes store for that matter. I can choose which country I want to go to, but if I log in, I'm forced back to my own country. I can fake that I'm in another country, but if I want to buy anything I need to enter my credit card information, at which point they detect where the credit card is issued, and once more force me back to that country. The fact that I don't speak the official language of the contry I reside is obviously not something they believe can exist... And the stupid App Store application totally ignores the language setting in OS X, and even more annoying is that all the menus, functions and whatever do exist in all languages, it's just that they insist on deciding for me which language I should use based on my location.)

  • gmorgjr Level 1 (0 points)

    I've read more than 30 pages from lots of people who like me really used itunes dj.  I've made several comments on the official itunes feedback pages.  Not a peep.  I've been through the labor of down-reving to 10.7.  But I see now sign, nor have any hope that apple is ever going to listen to any of us

  • John_Trahearn Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just found a new app on the App Store called GrouPlay. It's like iTunes DJ in a lot of ways. It lets you create a playlist where people can join and vote for the tunes but it also lets them send songs to the playlist from their own libraries! Pretty cool! Check it out... It solves the missing iTunes DJ problem for me


  • Giovanotti Level 1 (0 points)

    I just can't believe Apple would take away itunes dj. I was trying to understand the new itunes 11 which is a bit confuse (I mean *****) and i though probably it is hiding in one of the secret windows in itunes, and i had to Google it to find out that apple took away itunes dj. Apple needs to hear us, we the people, the costumers who buy and pay for every single brilliant thing that itunes put on the market (worth it or not) and we, as a costumers support them with our money , and give us back the itunes dj by yesterday.

  • -Xlink- Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I agree, but I have to hope the reason they took dj away is so they can fine toon it more..... But they could have kept it in there. If anyone knows an apple employee personally maybe we can get our answer.

    And in regards to the grouplay app someone on here linked but it was probably removed, very nice app, just a few hitched but it can be fixed with feed back I recommend it for sure. 

    App name is grouplay 

  • gmorgjr Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks John, but I like my own library, and don't really want to be listening to other people's stuff on all but a rare occasion.


    It makes no sense that they removed a no-brainer, simple function that let me relish my ecclectic, huge collection of music with out having to think or plan.  It was an elegant feature of iTunes I've been using just about every time i listen to music for many years.  They really blew it.

  • scarlet15 Level 1 (0 points)

    I appear to have replicated the DJ function by the following cunning method...


    1. Create a New Smart Playlist, (File, New, Smart Playlist)

    2. Uncheck the "Match the following rule" box

    3. Check "Limit to" and change the default 25 to 100, 500, 1000 or whatever items.

    4. Selected by...Random

    5. Uncheck Live updating (only 'cos I don't know what that means !)


    Click OK, rename your playlist "iTunes DJ" if you've got a sense of humour....


    And then select to play your new Smart playlist on shuffle mode.


    Seems to do the trick...


    ...apologies if someone's already suggested this in the middle of all your replies.



  • Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi scarlet15,


    This doesn't replace all the functionality of iTunes DJ. For example, you can't see what was played and what will be played.


    Also, guest can't vote and add songs to the list via the iPhone.


    There are many things your solution does not replicate.


    But thanks sharing.



  • Leakage-guru Level 1 (0 points)

    I just want to add to the numbers of those who are missing iTunes DJ.

    That is all.


  • Little Luci Level 1 (0 points)

    As do I... trying to keep the thread alive... i can kinda live without iTunes DJ funtionality but the Voting in the remote app was the easiest way to allow party goers to manage the music while i drink! LOL!


    Come on Apple K.I.S.S dammit! Sigh!

  • What Is Wrong With You Level 1 (0 points)

    I am really annoyed by the DJ feature missing too. In my case I used it to randomize my normal playlists and save the play order for use on my iPod. The other problem I have with iTunes 11's random feature is that I sometimes keep hearing the same song more than once.


    Here is my random playlist work around:

    1) Create a regular playlist of songs you want to randomize, you can use an existing one too.

    2) Create a new "Smart Playlist"

    3) Edit the new Smart Playlist and tell it to match the following rules:

              -Playlist-  -is-  -point this to your playlist you used in step 1-

              You can choose to limit the number of songs or not.

              change "selected by" to Random

              Leave "Live Updating" checked.

    4) Depending on the source playlist size it may take a minute or so to fill in your new Smart Playlist that has been randomized.

    5) Whenever you want to randomize the list again, just edit that Smart Playlist's settings and save.


    Do not delete your original playlists, just use those to add new songs you want in your smart playlist. Live Updating on step 3 will automatically add them into the Smart Playlist. If you do delete the original playlist, the smart playlist will become empty as it is using the original playlist to pull songs from.

  • matiaslanzi Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a way to enable shuffle mode and see the upcomming songs just like in iTunes DJ.

    On the player displary next to the timeline slider and the remaining time indicator, there's the shuffle button.

    Once clicked it turns blue. Look at the playlist icon next to it, it show's the next songs.

    You can add to it by using the [>] button when hovering over songs or albums or playlists.

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    Apple take note, In the UK we have a phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thanks for making my life a misery. How hard would it be to add iTunes Dj to the next update of iTunes 11? I use Dj for social events for blind and visually impaired people on a regular basis, I use a laptop running iTiunes through an amplifier and have a couple of helpers mingling with iPads updating the playlist. Worked great untill iTunes 11 was inflicted upon us!! I have gone back to v10 and will stay there cos it works for me.

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