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    Yeah Apple... what the f*$^@ were you thinking taking the iTunes DJ away? I use it for parties at my house from my iphone. Yeah you can use any playlist now.. but adding and removing songs is no where near as easy as it was with the DJ. I had a party last night and many times I accidently started a new song simply because I didn't swipe sideways hard enough to bring up the delete button. That and adding songs to the list is not reliable. Several times when I tried to add songs to the list.. it would simply switch from my current playlist to the album of the song I was trying to add. Epic Fail Apple (EFA). Please put the DJ back in the next release!!



    Long time Apple user (MacBook Pro, Apple TV, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

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    I have been intrigued by Apple products since seeing a demo of the Apple "Lisa" with a device called a mouse back in the late 70s?  The Lisa was the first Mac and worth about $10,000 if I remember correctly. I have owned an Apple 11c, Mac Classic, Mac Performa and still own an eMac, MacBook Pro and iMac 27" with quad processor, an iPod photo classic, and an iPhone.  I believe they would all still be working if I hadn't decommisioned the first three because they were so slow. I remember feeling like I had just put my dog down when I got rid of them, they all still worked.  I can't believe that Apple has become so isolated from their dedicated customer base and in my case and a number of other users, we were loving and supporting Apple when they had only a few products and 5% market share. When customers who have been with Apple since the beginning start feeling rejected and ignored it is not a good thing for a company because a lover who has been mistreated and ignored is gone forever and nearly impossible to win back. It is clear by following the media Apple is going through some kind of trama and has lost it's inovative advantage.  In the case of the "first in its class product" like iTunes, ignoring the comments, wishes and opinions of such dedicated supporters when making changes that are not backwards campatible ( iTunes DJ) is a serious if not fatal mistake on their part.  Look around at the huge number of products on the market today which are as good as or better than Apple products while at a significatly lower price and wonder what is Apple thinking. It is much cheaper for a company to keep customers happy than to have to go out into the market a find new ones.  Apple are you deaf or just dumb! Ignoring us without a comment, excuse or explanation is totally unaceptable and is done at your expenses not ours. If anyone is awake over there get with the program, you have recently been the largest company in the world but that is changing as we speak and I fear the worse it yet to come for you.

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    Best reply on this thread I have read by far!

    I don't know how much more dead on precise you could have gotten on the issue.


    I feel you may be interested in liking the face book page a previous member on this thread created I can't make a link to it or it will be deleted but you can search for it on Facebook it's called


    We want iTunes DJ back


    Spread it around and maybe we can get noticed by apple if not anything else some good solutions on the missing DJ problem have been and will continue to be posted

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    I checked out the app and I sent the maker a feedback email with some improvement ideas and right away got a response as well as a big fix the next day this app look promising  thanks for the post

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    While I'm enjoying greatly having DJ back after rolling back to 10.7, I'm now appropriately concerned and cautious about implementing "updates"...


    Anyone know of any unintended consequences or removals of functionality with the iOS 6.0.1 > 6.1 jump? I want to make sure it will still sync with my 10.7 iTunes on my XP PC without any bad surprises before I "update" my AT&T iPhone 4S. Anyone know for sure or have feedback?

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    I want DJ back.. It was a highlight for parties, and added a great dimension for interactive song playing .. Apple made another bad move in assessing their software..

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    Actually there was a slight mistake in my post about get the playlist to shuffle and being able to save the play order. This is the corrected info:


    Here is my random playlist work around:

    1) Create a regular playlist of songs you want to randomize, you can use an existing one.

    2) Create a new "Smart Playlist"

    3) Edit the new Smart Playlist and tell it to match the following rules:

              -Playlist-  -is-  -point this to your playlist you used in step 1-

              Check the box to limit the number of songs, if you want them all use a high number. ie 9999

              Change "selected by" to Random

              Leave "Live Updating" checked.

    4) Depending on the source playlist's size it may take a minute to fill in your new randomized Smart Playlist.

    5) Whenever you want to randomize the list again, just edit that Smart Playlist's settings and save, then edit the settings back.


    Do not delete your original playlists, just use them to add new songs you want in your randomized smart playlist. Live Updating on step 3 will automatically add them into the Smart Playlist.

    If you delete the original playlist, the smart playlist will become empty as it is using the original playlist to pull songs from.


    I've got a playlist with over 1,000 songs on it and this is much easier than trying to manually shuffle a playlist since randomize doesn't do anything to shuffle a playlist's order.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)


    5) Whenever you want to randomize the list again,

    just select all the songs in the playlist and press Delete.

    All songs will be removed from the playlist and it will automatically populate again.

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    Even better thanks! I just tried it out and it works.

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    If this is iTunes 11, just think what could happen with OS X 10.9...

  • Greg Reilly Level 1 (0 points)

    AGREED!  iTunes DJ was my "go to" setting and now it's gone and the "Next Up" feature stinks compared to it.  It was so simple and useful, why did you take it away?  Please tell me you're not following Microsoft's strategy of destroying everything that is good and replacing it with a bunch of suck...

  • MDK Level 2 (310 points)

    The problem is NOT with iTunes DJ.

    REMOTE no longer works as it should. I think my REMOTE is on permanent shuffle. If my REMOTE could do what iTunes DJ does on my computer I could almost live with it.

    I'm using REMOTE v2.3

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    I just noticed that the DJ mode is gone from iTunes.


    This is funny because it was my most important feature of iTunes - without it, it is basically useless now. Funny because: I felt still a bit too limited with the options for the DJ mode so that I thought about just writing my own music player, just around this core feature, an intelligent DJ mode. And I did a few month ago and since then, I am just using my own player - which also has some other nice advantages (for me) over iTunes. And now I just found out that iTunes has removed the DJ mode completely.


    If you are interested:

  • Flaco1970 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am really bummed about i tunes dj not being on the new version. I just bought a new i mac and am considering taking it back. is there any way to get the random playing capabilities back. i use my computers for work & do not have the time to choose what is next when I have paid well over 80,000$ for my library. I WANT RANDOM choices back!!!


    Where is Steve Jobs when we need him?

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    It is pretty clear by the deafening silence, that Apple has pretty much abandoned its loyal client base and is using big brother (Microsoft) as its business model since becoming the richest company in the world. Backwards compatibility used to be the hallmark of Apple Computer.

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