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    Choose a playlist, album or shuffle then in the remote app go to "now playing" in the top right corner, then hit the tracklist icon in the top right hand corner and you can add songs to up next this way. Pretty simple really. Don't know why eveyone is having a panic attack? Breathe and take time to explore the functions.

  • Avendanio Level 1 (0 points)

    You are right!


    You don't know why everyone is having a panic attack.


    I suggest you read the thread, see that your suggestion has appeared several times before together with many reasons why this has little to do with iTunes DJ.


    In your own words, breathe and take time to explore this thread.

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    Please breathe and take time to explore all that iTunes DJ was capable of doing and you will have a more informed understanding. Your solution does not even come close to mimicking iTunes DJ.


    It's always a good idea to read the full thread before commenting and especially before critiquing the discussion.

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    You're being a jerk and you're missing the point, the functionality of the Remote app that had allow'd us to litterally use iTunes as a Jukebox is gone. It's the singular point that distinguishes "Up Next" from "iTunes DJ"


    These quotes you keep responding too are being literally take out of context because you have FAILED to understand the greater complaint.

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    Dude, you have clue what you are talking about. Please refrain from talking on this board for 7 days

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    This is no replacement for DJ...You obviously have missed the point of the other 40 pages of this thread.  That function you outline is nothing resembling how iTunes used to be a usefull program, now, it's just a piece of dead meat taking up hard-disk space

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    I reverted back to iTunes 10 and have been happier ever since. DJ has a much better UI than up-next. It also has the ability to request songs and vote on songs which makes my parties a lot of fun for guests who want to control the music from their own iPhone. Here are the instructions. Very easy to do and I have not had a single issue.

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    Yes Itunes DJ was cool, yes it made playlists fun and easy whilst entertaining. But how hard is it to click on one track and then shuffle? The ability to request songs with the remote app is STILL available (if you follow the instructions in my original post).


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  • a.werd Level 1 (0 points)

    I find it funny that YOU and many others are having a panic attack about this. Talk about a waste of energy. There are other ways around it. Yes they may not be as easy as before, but honestly, is it that big a deal?


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    This thread was created to try to solve a problem.

    If your solution works for you, I'm glad.

    If you don't see that a problem exists, perhaps you shouldn't be posting here.

    Either way, and to quote you yet again, go outside and get some sunlight and stop ranting.

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    i've already spent 5 hours at the beach today and don't feel like going out again. I must thank you however. This thread made me explore the problem i had and i ended up finding an answer to my problem. All the best with your 'problems'.

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    a.werd, I've already solved my problem by re-installing iTunes 10. Although I'm certainly not panicking about it, I'd really like to use iTunes 11 because it looks great and I like to have the latest version of all my apps.


    Can you give me a tip to recreate iTunes DJ's ability to allow all party guests to vote for upcoming songs on their own iPhone? Sometimes iTunes DJ makes it possible to limit the songs they can choose from. So like if I don't want a selection from the Easy Listening genre to kill the vibe, I, as party host can filter all of those out from the request list.


    Is their a way to allow the guests to favorite (heart) songs that were first requested by another party guest? That moves the song up to play sooner on the list. Very cool.


    Could you also find a way for me to remove all other iTunes commands from the party guest's screens? It could get crazy if every iPhone at the gathering could control volume, skips, deletes and the selection of which track is UpNext. I do like that one iPhone, mine, can take ultimate control now and then.


    I will love you forever if you can help me out with this. No rush, though. The latest Remote and Apple TV updates work great with iTunes 10.

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    @a.werd, you are mistaken. There is much more missing from iTunes 11 than just adding and shuffling songs. You need to read the posts, look at mine, look at others, there is much missing, some social, some dealing with smart playlists and iTunes DJ, and more.


    a.werd, why don't you want to inform yourself about what is missing in iTunes 11? Your first post was misinformed, and it intentionally dismissed and insulted many of the posters in this forum.


    a.werd, looking at how many post you recently made, posts that offer no help, only more insults, and even bragging, a.werd they make you look like a troll. Your post make you look like a very angry and lonely person who doesn't care about missing social features from iTunes because you don't have any friends that would want to listen to your music. I'm not saying this is true, I'm just pointing out that that's how your post sound and make you look.


    a.werd I think you need to spend even more time at the beach. 5 hours is not working.

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    I think someone just got chewed up and spit out by iTunes enthusiasts, That actually understand and comprehend a good feature when they see one, as well as someone who needs a lesson in Internet manners.


    Poor @a.werd

    Guy didn't know what he got himself into

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    I've been in the Apple ecosphere for a long time.  Yeah, I was raised on MS-DOS and Unix.  I've learned to love the ease of use of Apple products.  I've owned them all except the Newtown!


    iTunes 11 is a major set back.  Yes, there is no DJ function and no Cover Flow.  The worst is I can't intelligently make a new play list since I am NOT allowed to open two windows at one time.


    Unfortunately, I foolishly "updated" 3 macs to iTunes 11 and have had to jump through many hoops to get them back to where I wanted.


    It seems to me that Apple has been iOSing the Mac to make it a big tablet.  This has been a constant frustration to me.  Apple is making it's $$$ from mobile devices.  I want a fully capable non-mobile device.


    So I'm on iTunes 10.7, using "a competitor" for my music downloads, and bought a Windows ultra book for travel.  I may be going back to the dark side since I do require MS Office.

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