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  • Cpat13 Level 1 (0 points)

    Most of us have moved on check out Playmysong app and host

    Best option to replace

  • Neorich Level 1 (10 points)

    Well, finally it's happened.


    I've been forced to update to 11.1.1


    As I've said before, I succesfully managed to "downgrade," to 10.7 and was so pleased to be able to do so.


    However, in the last couple of days, I've been attempting to purchase songs from the iTunes store and, upon pressing the purchase option, nothing happened, no message saying the song was being "purchased," or downloaded..


    I managed to get to the Apple Help Centre and arranged a callback, whereupon, after my issue was passed onto various people, I was told that I would need to update to the most recent version, which I've done and am now running 11.1.1....and, it doesn't seem as clunky as when I first tried it, before reverting to 10.7


    As I said, I only use DJ for throwing up random song suggestions, which give me ideas for songs to put into playlists I create myself.


    I've discovered that I can create a random playlist by:


    1. Choosing the "New Smart Playlist."
    2. Setting the paramaters to the following options:


    "Playlist is Music 15 items random"


    I then renamed the playlist "DJ."


    I tried "updating," the playlist in the hope that it would act like the DJ "refresh," option, to no avail.


    But then, reading on the discussion boards, someone suggested deleting all of the songs in the playlist via Ctrl A-Delete...and then right clicking on the playlist and choosing the update option and voila, there it was, 15 new random choices.


    I totally understand that, in "live," situations, that'd be no good for people who use DJ in that sort of way, but, for me, there's at least the option of having a sort of reasonably quick "refresh," option as detailed above.


    Providing the original Smartlist is kept, it should be a fairly quick alternative to DJ..


    However, I still live in hope that Apple will just bring it back


    In the meantime, I don't think I go back through the "trauma," of reverting to 10.7 again and, if what I experienced through attempting to purchase stuff via 10.7 was mor than just a blip, I'm not sure I'd be able to again, anyway...


    I'd be interested to know if others have had similar problems downloading songs via the iTunes store using 10.7 in recent days..



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    Well I had the same decision, as I needed a new phone and when presented with the choice of of stying with version 10.7 versus the new Iphone which would force an upgrade, Itunes DJ 10.7 won, and I have ordered a nice new phone from Apples competition.

  • Neorich Level 1 (10 points)

    Well, fortunately, in that arena, I've never been seduced by the iPhones, largely to do with their texting facilities.


    Once I'd tried "Swiftkey," on Android, I'd never be tempted by the Apple set up..


    However, I couldn't imagine life without my iPods and therefore iTunes, is a necessary "evil."


    I've tried some alternatives, but nothing comes close, IMO, to getting access to your music files and being able to download stuff with relative ease.




    But, so far, my experience, in the last day, or so, of 11..has been fine..using the "workaround," I've mentioned above.


    It also seems to react more quickly than 10.7..


    However, I've tried the Genius Shuffle effort and don't think it in anyway replaces DJ, in the way I used it.

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    I'm late in posting.  Just wanted to say that Apple seems to have lost the plot to me.  They appear to be making things, in lots of their products, that were seemed simple and intuitive, into something very complicated.  DJ was simple.  Now I can't work out what I am supposed to do; create a playlist?  I just want iTunes to play a random selection of my music by pressing a button.  Hate it. 

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    If all you need is a random selection of your music to be played, rather than the other contribution features of DJ, you can still do that. Make sure your Up Next list is clear, go to the Album view, and hit the Play button. If it's not already on, enable Shuffle, and you've got a random mix of your library with an editable coming up list, and a record of the last few songs played as well.

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    Yes please bring itunes dj back and into iTunes 11 ASAP!!!!!!!!

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    Try right clicking song in iTunes and look for it to be displayed in the download third party for Windows-if these third parties can invent the program. Currently, you can make a spin on the selections. So, has the third party created the third party connecting product-I'm still studying it. However, I think it can only be heard on AT&T and iPhone.

  • gu783 Level 1 (0 points)

    The actual playlist creation can be broadcast through what is called a third party download. Search for it on the internet. The download works with your media player and even the apple phones.

  • gu783 Level 1 (0 points)

    Some of the programs that work with the media players, like Spotify or Windows Media Player, are Sound Flavor DJ and Scorpion Saver. These can be downloaded off the internet. Why don't you try my playlist-History of Jukebox 1970's-2000 and on.

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    I just did fill in the link.  I will start looking for another player to use.  It doesn't handle podcasts like songs.  I do have a podcast playlist, but I can't just insert a podcast into my playlist. 


    It is very disappointing having to use Next Up.

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    Apple, you have totally blown my plans for New Years Eve. I was going to be all savy letting the partiers decide what we'd listen to next. Now I'm going to be stuck DJ-ing. Why?! Oh the humanity.

  • chrisby Level 1 (15 points)

    I've filled out the feedback form aswell. Pretty disappointing - there's not much use of the Remote app without the voting functionality (except for 1 user controlling the music themselves). It's pretty annoying that Apple would just remove iTunes DJ knowing that alot of people use it.

  • Olaf Wozniak Level 1 (5 points)

    wie used iTunesDJ in a bar ... it was my idea that iTunes is  the easiest to use and best software for that .. well. now they returned to winamp...

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    iTunes DJ was the ONLY feature I used.


    My typical day:

    Start iTunes -> open iTunes DJ -> Play -> forget about iTunes.


    A feature as useful and killer as it was prevented the user to click around, waste time and more importantly buy stuff, better get rid of it.