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  • Mr Screens Level 1 (5 points)

    After upgrading to iTunes 11 and immediately dumping it to revert to 10.7, I've been biding my time, hoping against hope that Apple might respond to the wave of complaints about the dropped features. Or, more likely, a third-party developer would figure out how to script a replacement for the easy, previewable, editable random glory of iTunes DJ, which I use every day of my life.

    I've refused to upgrade to Mavericks, entirely because I'm still using iTunes 10.7 and have no desire to "upgrade." Every week the App Store app bugs me to upgrade, and every week I selectively install any other apps or security updates and ignore iTunes 11-point-whatever.

    Now with the announcement of Yosemite, it seems that I'm going to be two full versions behind the current Mac OS. But it won't be the first time that some new "feature" outraged me so much that I passed over an OS upgrade (killing Sherlock for the first version of Spotlight was a deal-breaker for me).

    Since I bought my first Mac in 1985, I've been a loyal Apple customer. This iTunes misstep isn't going to drive me away from the Mac or iOS, but it sure bugs me, and I'll stick with 10.7 as long as possible—probably setting up a "music server" (similar to my printer server, running an old version of the OS so I can still print to my Apple LaserWriter 16/1600).

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    Anyone have any suggestions on third-party music apps to replace iTunes?

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    This feature *****.

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    This appears to be something that Apple has summarily decided was not important to anyone and they wanted to keep things much simpler like a PC.  Yes, I said a reference to Windows.


    I am also still using iTunes 10.7.021 on my Windows 7 PC.  As a few others did when 11 came out, I upgraded and after 1 day searched on the Internet for how to go back to 10.7.  That is the way it has stayed since.


    Why does this previous functionality keep me from upgrading?


    1) Having assigned ratings to songs, I created a couple ratings based playlists  Example    Rating 3,4,5 


    These are the top list of songs I would like to listen to on a very regular basis.

    iTunes DJ was configured to use this playlist and from that day iTunes DJ was picking songs sort of randomly from this list that kept growing as I added new music.  I pretty much did not have to do anything except let music play


    2)  Apple Remote app for iPhone or iPad was then used to view the upcoming list of 25 songs (I set it higher than the default).  Remote allowed me to skip a song currently playing and iTunes DJ would just go onto the next.  Since I could see the next songs, yes 25, I could quickly remove anything I might not feel like listening to at that moment in time instead of skipping the song when it came on.


    3)  Apple Remote app also allowed me to go through my entire library and select songs outside of the default playlist iTunes DJ was using to select songs from.  I could play the song next or immediately.  That song was injected into those top 25 list either as now or next leaving iTunes DJ's list of the 25 in place


    4)  Apple Remote app and iTunes DJ was able to allow friends iPhones connected to my WiFi network access to the same list of what is queued up and access to the entire library to select songs from.  This was a limited access functionality that allowed them to "Vote" for a song.  This would move that song up in the list.  If several people "Voted" for the same song, it ranked higher.  They were not allowed to cancel songs or remove songs from the iTunes DJ list but the functionality of "Voting" or "Liking" achieved their songs being played next


    5)  Using the iTunes DJ and an Apple Airplay router to extend the WiFi into my garage and connect it to an amplifier with speakers outside, I can sit in my backyard, control the music from the living room and play it over the speakers in the back yard.  All this with the functionality of 1-4 as well.


    6)  One other feature in Remote that I used on occasion was the Genius functionality.  When you clicked on a song anywhere you would be given other songs that were similar or some how related to the song selected.  Again, you could add to play list for next or play immediately.


    Yes, anyone who is on 10.7 is on borrowed time.  I can't sync my iPhone 5s with this version of iTunes.  What I had to do was install 11 on another computer, copy the library over to this PC, and re-path the music to the library just to sync my iPhone 5s when I got it.  That is going to great lengths to leave iTunes DJ in place and working.  A not well known feature in iTunes allowed that to happen very easily, you changed the first path, then when you changed the second songs path it asked if you wanted to do this for the whole library.  Sweet.


    I think all anyone here has been asking is that Apple review what was thrown out as far as features and functionality in iTunes DJ and put those key items back into iTunes.  Call it Up Next (you know that is what Microsoft has in Media Center)


    Finally I have been a long time Windows user and only with the iPad, iPhone have I come across the great divide and have a great respect for Apple and Steve's instilled innovation and drive to deliver user friendly software and hardware to the world.  I truly marvel when I go to an Apple store at the broad acceptance Apple products.  I certainly hope someone in Apple reads this and considers this something to give another look.  There may not be a huge following of iTunes DJ and it may have even dwindled, but there was great innovation in what was delivered previously, don't let that slip through the fingers.



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    Have they brought back cover flow, higher rated shuffle, guest remote voting - I guess what I'm really asking is have they brought back iTunes DJ yet? Still running 10.7 with iOS 6 because of the removal of such features.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    watujim wrote:

    Have they brought back cover flow, higher rated shuffle, guest remote voting


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    I feel like this needs to be bumped because iTunes DJ was something I relied on to play my music in a random order that I could easily rate unrated songs (I try to rate all my songs and am a fervent song-rater). Apple, please consider putting this feature back in. I haven't used iTunes in a couple years due to my computer messing up. But now I'm using it again and I am disappointed with the Up Next feature. I doubt this will be replied to, as it is an old topic, but I figured I'd put my two cents in anyway.

  • MDK Level 2 (310 points)

    I re-installed it using my 10.6 install DVD. If you no longer have a 10.6 system try a separate HD and install a Snow Leopard system on it, then transfer your music to that drive and boot up in that drive.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    Borzock-Bill wrote:

    I feel like this needs to be bumped

    What do you think bumping it will do?

    Apple, please consider putting this feature back in.

    Tell Apple here ->

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