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I live in Egypt, and i just bought an iPad 3 latest here, just to find that apple released an iPad 4 a month ago!, i really got ****** off because i thought it was the latest iPad and now i can't even find that it still being sold on main apple website, i mean iPad 2 is till in production and iPad  3 is being removed out of apple main website as if they are saying its gone.


My question is Apple trying to diminish iPad 3? i mean any news if its going to be supported for sometime or its just gone? did i just buy a something obsolete?


however i know what happened happened, i just want to know if somebody can cool me down and tell me if iPad 3 is going to be supported for a while, because these stuff are very expensive in local currency, we don't buy one of them each year, usually we expect them to last for 2-3 years at least before i can start saying it aging!.



iPad, iOS 5.1.1
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    Your iPad will be supported for several years in terms of technical support and replacement units. How long Apple will continue to provide iOS updates for it is something none of us here can say, but since the iPad 2 is supported under iOS 6, it's reasonable to assume that the third-generation will get at least the next major version of iOS, whenever that's released. All any of us are guaranteed, though, is the functionality of the device at the time we purchase it. Any future new features are a bonus.



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    Apple's policy is to support products for 5 years after the product has been discontinued.