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I live in Egypt, and i just bought an iPad 3 latest here, just to find that apple released an iPad 4 a month ago!, i really got ****** off because i thought it was the latest iPad and now i can't even find that it still being sold on main apple website, i mean iPad 2 is till in production and iPad  3 is being removed out of apple main website as if they are saying its gone.


My question is Apple trying to diminish iPad 3? i mean any news if its going to be supported for sometime or its just gone? did i just buy a something obsolete?


however i know what happened happened, i just want to know if somebody can cool me down and tell me if iPad 3 is going to be supported for a while, because these stuff are very expensive in local currency, we don't buy one of them each year, usually we expect them to last for 2-3 years at least before i can start saying it aging!.



iPad, iOS 5.1.1