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I have recently bought a Powerbook G4 12 inch which is running OSX 10.2.3

I've installed an Airport Extreme card and want to connect to my Netgear WiFi router but don't know how to start.

I'm new to mac and have only used a laptop previously so sorry for my extreme ignorance.

Some of the other discussions mention a WiFi icon but I can't see this anywhere and so I'm not sure if the airport card is working or not but I suspect not.

Any help to get me started please

The G4 connects via the ethernet cable without any problems

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    You can check for the presence of the Airport card by going into System Profiler (I think that's the name, not sure because 10.2.3 is a bit old). Also, if the Airport wifi icon is not on the menu bar, go into your System Preferences, click Network, make sure the Airport network interface is enabled, and there should be a setting in there for displaying the Airport icon in the menu bar, that might not be turned on.


    Once it appears, you should be able to click the Airport icon to reveal a menu with wifi networks within range, and select the name of your network in the list. It shouldn't be difficult. You should also be able to connect from inside the Network system preference, but using the Airport icon in the menu bar is easier.

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    Thanks for that


    I checked that the airport card was installed properly as the system couldn't find it but now it is properly installed is won't start up at all - appears to boot up but then comes up with a message that I need to re-start it. When I do it just does the same again. Could this happen if the airport card is faulty?

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    Maybe. It can also happen if the card or another motherboard component like RAM is a little loose. It's not typical for it to want to restart right away...it could be the card, it could be another problem entirely, not sure.