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How do I replace my hard drive.

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5)
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    We need more information. 

    1.  Is your existing boot drive working OK?

    2.  What version of OSX?

    3.  Do you know how to open the case?

    4.  Are you looking for more storage space or do you want to replace the boot drive?

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    Hello, Hello, Hello,

         My Mac Pro, which is using ? System Software, because I can't start it up, I believe Snow Leopard, I upgraded it not to long ago, was purchased around 2009; it has the 4 individual slots for internal hard drives. When I turn it on it just sounds like the fan motor runs but never makes the start up sound, the "Booing"; the fan motor just keeps running, or what ever that sound is. So I can't input any commands via the key board like resetting the PRAM, holding down the option key, or shift key; I can't even open one of the disc drives. I replaced the memory battery to no avail. My guess is the hard drive, which stores all the computers systems software is fried; that is the drive which came with the computer in slot #1. I can access these drives easily and have pulled them, reset them, tapped them, dusted them, swapped them, and still no "booing". Now this drive in Slot #1, which is the computers main drive, not storage drive, I am considering replacing. Do you think this is a wise idea?

         I need to know how to purchase the correct dive, how to reprogram it, and if I can save any valuable information from my old one?

         Or should I just drop it off at the "Computer Queeks" in Best Buy and hope they solve the problem without replacing everything in the computer. I don't really think I need to upgrade at this point.

    Best Wishes and Thank You,

    God Bless,

    Bob F.

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    If it won't even chime, it has Hardware problems.


    The conventional approach to no chime is to remove everything that draws power that could be causing a problem. Remove:


    graphics card

    all drives

    excess memory except for one pair (2008 and previous) or one DIMM (2009 and later).


    Start up.


    -No, you have deep Hardware problems.

    -Yes, try adding back one thing at a time, starting with the graphics card to get more visibility.

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    Will try- very good idea.

    Thanks Much.

    Bob F.

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         I owe you. Seems it was one of my DIMMS. When I removed them everything was OK. The computer failed as I was putting them in 1 by 1 at DIMM #2. I left out the suspect DIMM and replaced all back in opposite order and everything was OK. Scarry part, I rplaced the suspect DIMM last and it still worked OK. Am writing this message from my bad computer.


    God Bless.

    Bob Fleckenstein,