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I'm hoping that someone in this forum can help me: I've been auditioning video conferencing programmes ( some online and others, downloaded ) but have been daunted by the distorted sound ( dalek voices ! ) and poor, pixellated picture quality.


My intention is to set up a regular private group for English language teaching.


I'm a regular user of Logic Studio, and am wondering if latency and bit rate settings in these programmes could be causing the problem.


Any suggestions as to how to overcome this would be VERY gratefully received !



Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    what have you tried to fix your problem, what software are you using, how good is your internet connection?



    the quality of the video conferencing will depend on both your internet connection and the other peoples.

    i know in ichat you can restrict the video quality to help maintain a fluid experience, but a the minor cost of slightly lower image resolution.