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  • SoCalBob Level 1 Level 1

    Downloaded the latest update today and the problems seem to be fixed whether or not Crossfade is on -- Playcounts and Last Played update even for very small play lengths...finally.

  • AtomicVariable Level 1 Level 1

    Heck yeah! It took me so long to become aware of the issue that it is now fixed. Just verified myself on the tracks that were in question for my original posts.


    Thanks for posting that it is corrected or I would have never known.

  • bshawkes Level 1 Level 1

    Just updated to the newest itunes version and still have the same issue with the play counts !!!!

  • NCC-1701 Level 1 Level 1

    Hooray!  It's working!  The update to the latest iTunes resolved it at last.  I'm seeing updates just like I expect, for even the very shortest of tracks in my library.  It's been a problem all along until now, but not anymore!!!

  • mrhiggins Level 1 Level 1

    A big improvement, but NO, NOT reliably working still ... The problem with most of these posts is that they give anecdotal data.  Would be nice if we had some sort of survey mechanism here that could tell us the percentage of people that are satisfied...


    Anway, that said, the original problem for me was that Last Played and play count (Plays), for tunes which are less than 11 seconds would not get update after the track is played (Crossfade or no Crossfade did not matter for me).


    Now, at least there's a BIG improvement, but there is still a lingering problem, that seems to suggest a race condition.  I test for this by 1) creating a SmartList of all Music less than 11 seconds (so that the longer items don't get in the way), 2) sort by Time (ascending order), and 3) start playing at the first item in the list. I have several hundred small (less than 11 seconds) tracks, so I've tested this several times.


    What I see is the Last Played and Plays update for some, but not all.  If I stop the playing, do a resort (to knock away the played tracks that DID update), and start playing at the first position again ... similar behavior, some update, some do not, but the key point here is that some of the tracks that did not update before, DO get updated this second pass.

  • Leonardo Parra Level 1 Level 1

    Well, It worked for me! My shortest tracks finally get updated and dissapear from my smart playlists, no matter if crossfade is on or off.

  • rbpeirce Level 1 Level 1

    I, also, am having good luck with 11.0.3.  However, none of my tracks are particularly short.


    I do have a problem with a program that uses iTunes as a database.  It will increase the count on the first track in a smart playlist but not any others, which was never a problem with 10.  Howevrer, I doubt that is an iTunes problem.

  • 53Chevy Level 1 Level 1

    Also, having the same issue with iTunes 11.0.3 not updating. I am also disappointed with the lack of attention to detail in products and real world user benefits, that seem to no longer be part of the Apple mantra.

  • marwa89 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow. Why so critical of others? They're (we're) only looking for help.

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    The title of this thread "iTunes 11 not updating last playcount and last played" completely defines my problem. If iTunes 11 is not updating of itself, or as a result of not being passed data from elsewhere, or if it's unable to process data it does recieve from elsewhere, does it matter? The end result is the same. The iTunes playcount and recently played data is wrong.



    Whether my iPhone is either not passing recently played data, or iTunes Match is not processing the data (if it's in the loop), or iTunes itself - whether version 11 or prior - is not processing the data, the end result is that iTunes 11 is not udating last playcount and last played", and, as far as I know, iTunes is the ONLY place where you can view "play count".


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    My issue - now passed to a level above Senior Advisor - is being investigated by the iTunes 11 team.


    Perhaps you could post a link to the thread you feel others should be participating in?

  • smsmstar Level 1 Level 1

    If only it was that simple. I've now spent several hours on the phone  with advisors and senior advisors and none of them can get it to work  for me. So, it's elevated upwards.


    I'm  promised an update early next week but I'm assuming that won't be a fix  or even an understanding of what's wrong. In my case, there are clearly  complex issues here: multiple Apple devices trying to talk to each  other through iCloud and with iTunes Match thrown in for good measure.


    As  the generic issue "Playcount/Last Played" doesn't seem to be an  epidemic - this seems to affect a tiny proportion of the Apple user  population - then perhaps those affected should contact Apple Care, as I  have, and obtain their free of charge advice and assistance.

  • smsmstar Level 1 Level 1

    Well, It worked for me! My shortest tracks finally get updated and dissapear from my smart playlists, no matter if crossfade is on or off.

  • Index.xp Level 1 Level 1

    It`s not working. I`m absulatally sure that i`ve played alot of my songs more than 2 times, and yet their play count is 2...

  • ariy Level 1 Level 1

    I will say that reading all of this did give me an idea.  I never had this problem for every track, but only a few tracks.  Since the problem only seemed to apply to 3 songs I deleted those songs and re-added them to the library.  Still they would not update.  I played one of them on my iPhone and synced.  The song updated, as well as one I didn't yet play.  I was viewing from a playlist based on last played and didn't go find the song to see why, but I suspect i had played it within the time limit.  Now the real test wil be what happens when the same track is played again.


    I should note that in my case this is occuring in iTunes for Windows.  I just noticed this discussion is filed under Mac.  Such are the perils of dropping in from a Google search.  Interesting though that the problem is wide-spread enough that Google predicted what i was looking for.

  • H555 Level 1 Level 1

    This problem is now the same as previously


    This was corrected on earlier versions of 11, but I notice that 11.0.4 now has the same problem.


    In my instance this appears to be directly related to the crossfade facility.


    If I turn it off, the last played list updates correctly from the iPhone.


    Whilst that seems a simple solution, that's not really the point.  An application is supposed to work the way it was designed (perhaps thats the point) and for me not to have to disengage the bits that don't work correctly.


    Given when this thread was originally started it seems to have gone full circle.

  • Nickho Level 1 Level 1

    H555 thanks for the suggestion. Just discovered this thread and I too am turned off by Apples lack of ownership of the problem.  Behaving more like Microsoft Culture rather than Apple.

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