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  • RobertKD Level 1 Level 1

    Oh and what idiot thought the "new mini player" was an actual improvement I mean really stop smoking drugs people.


    Give us back the old version.

  • vaiobum Level 1 Level 1

    The only one Steve Jobs could understand us and heard about us!!!!!!!


    How could now the apple says that the new iTunes 11 is easier ? No way!!!!!

  • Frank Mccright Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    Wow...where do I begin? I have a laundry list of errors, issues, poor executions, and more because of iTunes 11. I'll be glad to list them all if anyone wants to share, but I mean this is horrible. Just awful. And I'm one of those silly fanboys that thinks Apple can do no wrong.


    Eyes opened.


    Fix it, please.


    (Just commenting in case they see this and decide to do something.)



  • Jeany Level 1 Level 1

    Please give feedback.


    Please tell them what you think about iTunes 11. Upgrade, my foot.

  • Ziatron Level 4 Level 4

    I have iTunes 10.3.1.  How can I go to 10.7 ?

  • Taylor Mccabe Level 1 Level 1

    When it first came out I thought they ruined it. After a few days of getting things set up like I wanted I have found (with a very large library) most things to be simpler. The program is faster, browsing is more direct. The sidebar most people can't seem to manage to put back on is just a click away. The handling and artist/album artist seems to finally be on the right track. Sorting via list, artist and grid has great and simple options for how you would like to sort with in those peramiters.


    I have playlists set 3-4 different ways depending on what I need. I find myself exploring my library more again, the only thing that seems to be slow is editing music tags, as the quickest I have found is a new playlist in list view.


    I think if everyone would take some time to change things around and try to make a go of it they have finally released the first ever real update its gotten since its arrival. I have purcahsed and managed music on it literally since they first released the program. It really is much improved. If anyone has questions about setting up views in playlists, sorting in artists, album headings etc I have suggestions.

  • Itunes7 Level 1 Level 1

    Best way to revert back is : save your music to a new file, not in the itunes file. uninstall itunes 11, delete all itunes librarys, install  itunes 10.7 then add music from new file to your new itunes 10.7

  • Benway1 Level 1 Level 1

    it both s***x and blows.


    [and apparently s*****ks is a swearword I have to hint-at on this forum?]

  • Benway1 Level 1 Level 1

    You SHOULD make a list of all the errors and hates you have for itunes 11, paste them here, and then COPY+PASTE them into one of the product feedback forms on this site.

  • Benway1 Level 1 Level 1

    You need to remove the itunes library file in your music-->itunes folder [the one with the suffix ".itl" ] and then go into the folder which says "past itunes libraries" and move the OLDER .itl file where the newer one was.


    Then itunes will open for you, but you will still get the error message (-42408).


    To stop the error message appearing whenever you open it, you need to download PACIFIST, and install itunes 10.7 again using pacifist. This replaces all the "crap" files, for lack of a better term.


    On the main pacifist screen, I used the "open package" option [you could probably also use the "open apple installers" option, but the open package worked for me].


    Then, after clicking through to open package --> install package, while it is installing , it will ask you if you want to replace various files. ALWAYS REPLACE.


    At the end, voila.

    Perfectly working itunes 10.7 with no error messages.


    There are HEAPS of other more detailed instructions on this forum and on many blogs on this method with pacificist if you require more detail,

    so google around if you need more detail, but this should do it for you.

  • NedimKara Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    I have a question. I am about to buy a new MacBook Pro in a couple of days and I'm wondering if iTunes 10 comes preloaded with it or if it is in fact, iTunes 11. I was also wondering if I can degrade from iTunes 11 to 10 using the AppZapper + Pacifist method on this new one if it comes preloaded with iTunes 11.


    Thank you.

  • Frank Mccright Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    I sent this list to Apple Feedback, but I'd like to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues.


    I have called Apple Support and their "fix" did not fix anything,


    I have used iTunes since it launched. I have over 40,000 songs and 1000's of TV shows and movies in my library on one machine. I use iTunes in my recording studio on another comuter to organize audio samples and sounds.


    Here is a list of errors I am experiencing with the new iTunes:


    1. Setting my screen saver to show album covers results on a screen tiled with only 3 or 4 albums.


    2. Selecting play for a movie or song brings up the beach ball every time. Accessing files takes longer.


    3. Newly downloaded TV shows immediately show as watched while older TV shows mysteriously become marked as unwatched, sometimes complete seasons.


    4. Some new movies end up being set as watched just from restarting iTunes or the computer; old movies, some I've exported myself years ago from DVDs, magically set as unwatched.


    5. Home Sharing is incredibly slow to load and some movies/shows do not show on iOS devices, especially iPad.


    6. The scrolling set up is not at all smart. In the settings and sync pages scrolling the page verses panes is totally confusing.


    7. Option missing: the ability to have certain playlists set to shuffle instead of the forced global selection.


    Option missing: album art resize in tile view


    Option missing: dark theme.


    iTunes 10 was a much better experience.



  • RNTereasa Level 1 Level 1

    So how can I add music from a 'shared library' to my iPod touch now?  All music used to be added automaically from the 3rd party I subscribe to when I downloaded it to my iTunes Library.  I simply had to drag it from that list to my iPod.  Now when I try to do that, once I get the song over my iPod on the right side of the screen, it pops up a list of playlists to save the song to, being "Purchased" and "Random Rock", neither of which I am actually able to add the music to.  So this has halted my enjoyment of iTunes and my iPod as this is no longer an easy process that I'm familiar with.  If you can tell me a solution to that problem I'd be very pleased. Thanks

  • Widderic Films Level 1 Level 1

    I was so excited to see this, but now I'm mad.  On Step 2 of Blorvis's post, I tried dragging I-Tunes to the trash, and my trash says "I-Tunes can't be sent to the trash because it is required my Mac OSX."  I'm running Lion. 


    I HATE 11!!! Help me!!!

  • NedimKara Level 1 Level 1

    The problem is that the application hasn't been deleted from the hard drive. iTunes is a preloaded application that comes with the OS software, so it's embedded pretty deeply within the machine itself. To get rid of this problem, you can download a program called "AppZapper". This program is free and will delete the current iTunes you have by removing it from the harddrive and placing it into the trash. Then you can download iTunes 10.7 and replace all of the left over files from iTunes 11 with 10.7. Remember to delete the .itl file from the iTunes 11 or else you won't be able to even start iTunes 10.7 because that will cause an error to occur.



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