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I'm currently running 10.7.4. Is updating to 10.7.5 worth the trouble, since people seem to be having problems with it?


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    Some people have issues with all updates and upgrades. Only you can make the determination. Details are here.

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    I read your response to the OP and checked out Apple's suggestions for updates.  I have a question I hope you can help me with . . .


    ""Other software updates available for your computer may appear, which you should install."  This is an excerpt  from the Apple link.


    I have yet to install the updates for iMovie, Garage Band, etc.  these are apps that I do not use.  What happens when I decide to upgrade to Mountain Lion ?  in order for Mountain Lion to install properly, will I need to download the above mentioned updates BEFORE installing the new operating system?


    Thanks for your insight.





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    For the iLife apps, I'd update them if you ever want to use them in ML. AFAIK, since Apple's basically given up on iLife and made some of those apps separate ones, you'll not be able to update them via the App Store, necessitating getting new ones. That'a about all I know, since I've not moved to the newest ones of those. Lion and ML are experimental and I do computing stuff w/SL.

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