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I have setup server on a Mac mini (cam installed) and am using an Airport Extreme router. I have followed the instruction for setting up a VPN and even gone through the tutorials offered by Todd Olthoff on YouTube. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRAtWnNV71k&feature=share&list=UUD1-hwFmYAz5Pcpgx HV7dDA )


I have first setup the other services on the server before hand (DNS, Open Directory & Profile Manager). I have set the network up as a .private network.


I try and send out the files I can create to auto-configure a client system. It runs and connect fine on a MacBook Pro if I remain on the local network---obviously not that functional. Any other system (iPad, MacBookPro, etc) outside the local area network reports it can't find the server. I do not have any BackToMyMac services truned on either in the MacMini or the AE. Really no idea on where to do.


I don't have a static IP, but it is stable and stays the same unless I disconnection the router. I do have a certificate, but it's private and not a purchased certified certificate.


I have no idea where to go to find the problem or what to try next. Any suggestions?