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  • djsend Level 1 (0 points)

    Very unhappy with the new side list feature and placement of menus. They are clumsy, difficult and the new look feels like it's for people who have 10 albums on their ipad. I'm a serious, professional DJ of 20 years with design and technology expertise. I have a passion for music and keeping it organized. Lots of it.


    Wherein I used to be able to open a seperate window for lists and easily drag and drop from anywhere to build on the fly, this option has been removed in 11. I found myself scrolling for miles to get to one of my 500 playlists to save one song. These lists are trying to replace the visual constant that is windows functionality for every computer user on the planet.


    I now realize you can search but even that seems clumsy for various reasons. I immediately reverted back to 10.7 where I'll stay until they bring back the ability to open playlists in a new window along with some of the original sorting designs as an alternate option. People keep saying to give it a chance, but based on the amount of search results for "I hate iTunes11," I think I'll wait. I'm all for performance enhancements but this feels like it's put people on a small racetrack driving in circles rather than the autobahn moving forward on open road. Music shouldn't be that hard to organize. Keep it SIMPLE. That's what APPLE is supposed to be known for.


    I grew up with Apple starting with the Apple Plus computer.


    I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

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    Its very sad that this itunes is just a nightmare, I am sure they could have some how redesigned the UI without changing the engine that made APPLE for the second time!!! It looks like they just forgot apple's rebirth was due to ITUNES. hopefully they will notice this can be de begining of the end if they dont start thinking a little more about how to evolve. just to add one more its just crazy how when you are at the apple store its very complicated now to see which songs are the most downloaded and popular. this used to be an ace for quicky finding the best versions of songs. this is just one more opinion to all the ones already posted which I happen to agree with.


    If microsoft, google and amazon pay attention they may capitalize from this big opportunity to bring a better product than itunes to market and may be give us an alternative in case apple just doesnt revert their engineering on this one. Which happens to be the exact reason why in 2000 I left microsoft for macos.


    RIP Itunes

  • Trane Francks Level 2 (230 points)

    renyay wrote:


    I've read about the process with using pacifist... can you reinstall 10.7 this way if you don't have a  time machine backup?


    Yes. If you read my post on page 8 of this thread, you'll note that i don't mention Time Machine:


    You'll need to go through a few steps to put things right:


    1. Rename "iTunes Library.itl" to some other name;
    2. Copy newst ITL file from the "Previous iTunes Libraries" folder into your main iTunes folder and rename it to "iTunes Library.itl";
    3. Download iTunes 10.7:
    4. Download/install shareware app called Pacifist;
    5. Open Pacifist and, separately, mount iTunes DMG file -- drag iTunes PKG file into Pacifist and install iTunes via the Pacifist application -- be sure to answer yes to replacing everything Pacifist asks about;
    6. Enjoy iTunes 10.7.


    In case you're unsure, iTunes Library.itl is in your Music/iTunes folder. When running Pacifist, be sure to run it with admin privileges when prompted and be sure to overwrite/replace all files. Also, note that if you installed/burned/purchased any music under iTunes 11, they'll need to be reimported again (find the folder and drag it into your iTunes window to add it to your collection again.


    As for Time Machine, if you go long enough without a backup, you'll lose your data. Equipment fails or gets damaged. Not too long ago, my daughter spilled a cup of tea on her MBA and fried it (less than a year old - I was unhappy). Were it not for a viable and current TM backup, her data would have been gone along with the fzzzzzt.

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    I'm surprised by anything apple after the map debacle. Luckily I've never been that saavy with iTunes nohow so I'm not real sure how bad it ***** and what nirvana I'm missing.

  • AnaKosta Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you! Just submitted my feedback....

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    OMG!!! Thank you!  I have been battling iTunes 11 and this saved me


    view > sidebar


    How simple!!!!  I can drag and drop again!!!!!!

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    How long has it been since apple release 11.0?  Cos there should be an update any day now.  Especially now that all my gripes with this latest release (which i thought were unique to me and quite nit-picky) seem to be shared by quite a large portion of the community.


    mainly the no timeline in mini-player

    and the change of the mini-player button to the wrong side

    any word on whether these s**ts of bull are going to be fixed?

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    For everyone out there who doesn't like the new itunes, I don't know how much they watch this forum but please go to their feedback page if you haven't already and give itunes your feedback on what you don't like about itunes version 11. Hopefully, if they get enough feedback they will listen to the people who use it. Use the link below if you don't know the site. I have gone to it twice to tell them of my issues and rate the product (gave it a 2).


    (Original post by: pammyk2448)

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    Er Maqui...

    Thanks for the link to 'feedback'.  It has been stated many times that Apple does NOT monitor Discussions (maybe for inappropriate language?).


    Again, Apple does not monitor these Discussions.  They do not check Discussions to see how we feel about apps, etc.  They don't monitor these Discussions nor any other web site that I'm aware of that has comments, ratings, etc areas.


    DIscussions is a "Mac community of users"...helping other users or offering tips to other users.  If you want to rant and threaten to revert to the Dark Side, go right ahead.  See how much MS listens.


    We do have pull down menus on our apps to 'report bugs' ... and the 'feedback link' provided here by 'Er Maqui' and several others.


    While I agree wholeheartedly that v11 nor v11.1 leaves a lot to be desired; and that it is not for me, there are some who like it.  CNET editors give it almost four stars.  They call it a much needed revamp.  There are probably others who like it too; perhaps the thousands of users who haven't posted here.


    Here's some helpful info for those trying to work with v11:


  • Trane Francks Level 2 (230 points)

    David Cun wrote:


    While I agree wholeheartedly that v11 nor v11.1 leaves a lot to be desired; and that it is not for me, there are some who like it.  CNET editors give it almost four stars.


    Yet the average of 51 user ratings is 1 star. That speaks volumes.

  • OKDen Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree, whatever happened to the "KISS" theory!

    "Keep It Simple Stupid" 

    Hundreds of dollars wasted, Ipod, Iphone, Itunes,  Gheez! 

    Gooo! America. (Or China)

    Goodbye Apple!

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    This can be a needed revamp. Or simply a needed change on the app. Maybe, apple needs to remake the itunes core, and because this, they make "new" views instead of using the old ones.


    This isn't the problem. Really, i can understand a sad user sounds very much more than a happy one. I can understand a lot of things about this. But, i can understand because i'm the first who doesn't like the new itunes. And i have some reasons:

    - The cover view at bottom left are simply good. I can select a song, and view it's cover art, without playing them or opening new windows. (Now, on songs view, i need to open another window and several clicks to view it).

    - The view style. Viewing my entire library (or playlists) as list of discs was a good option. Now you can't do this.

    - And the worst change, to me: The search. The old search allow to make a filter on the all songs list, and you can "anything" with the results. Now, i can't. I can't make a playlist with the search results, for example.


    As i've told, i can understand the changes. I can understand a revamp interface. But, personally, prefer a change with option to go back (as i have enabled the left sidebar, or the filter on all music). If you get more options for your users, more than this, old options to old users, you can have more happy users. The search are the most difficult one, because it's the only thing who doesn't configure. But the other "problems" have a really simply solution. More options.


    I don't think who this is the worst itunes update. On history i can view worsts updates than this. But really, this update changes my form of work with iTunes. Several years ago, i've using itunes and other players. I love iTunes because they options. But, now, these new options make harder (to me) to find my music on manage them.

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    I WISJ TO GOD I COULD UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS EFFING THREAD!!!!!! Seriously, this forum is pretty much the most difficult forum I visit in terms of user experience, navigation, etc.


    And, why in earth there isn't a mobile app for this forum is unbelievable....well, actually, not really since we are talking about apple. There are plenty of forums out there (for things way less tech based mind you) which have a mobile format or an actual app. It would do apple some good to monitor these forums.

  • 124sport Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok. Figured out the unsubscribe but my comments about ease of and general usability compared to other forums and lack of mobile platform stand.

  • 124sport Level 1 (0 points)

    Is it to much to effing ask to be able to play an album in total without making a playlist? I have to literally go in snd check each song individually because clicking to check mark at top does not select all songs as it should. Anc people wonder why their stock is going down. First the map, lackluster iphone5, now this...

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