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  • Penguhwin Level 1 Level 1



    The fix worked fine. The only snag I hit is that in terminal it wouldn't accept my admin password. Eventually I figured out this was because I was already "signed in" as the administrator, and continued on without that step without a problem.


    Thanks again for posting those instructions. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to do it all again sometime in the future when an upcoming operating system forces the "new and improved" iTunes on us, whether we like it or not.

  • johnca66 Level 1 Level 1

    I got this from Zolwixon and it worked. Took 30 minutes. It assumes you have no Time Machine restore point.


    1) Grab the offical Apple iTunes 10.7 installer from here (quick before it's gone!) - <>


    2) Grab the utility Pacifist from here - <>


    3) Follow the Terminal commands here (this will delete iTunes 11) - <>


    4) Open the iTunes 10.7 .dmg and drag the install package to your desktop.


    5) Use Pacifist to install iTunes 10.7 instead of the Apple Installer - this insures that all of the files are replaced and will help you avoid the dreaded "cannot connect to iTunes store " errors.  The instructions on how to do this are contained in the app.  (you can use the demo/try mode for this, but it's a really nice app and I urge folks to purchase it!)


    6) Follow these instructions to restore your iTunes Library - < ibrary/>. One extra word of warning from me (johnca) - make sure that iTunes is closed when replacing the library file. I lost  quarter hour with this.


    The following from Zolwixon which I never actually used (johnca)


    7) If you have an i-device which cannot connect now because it connected under the previous iTunes 11 install and iTunes now calls it "unreadable" and wants you to Reset it, don't panic!  Grab this utility - <>.


    8) Use iFunBox to delete the itunesCDB file located in the  filesystem /iTunes_Control/iTunes/  folder you will find.  This restored the operation of my errant iPad.

  • Christian Skjott Level 1 Level 1

    Since when is there no INSTALLER application in OSX that would also uninstall apps?


    I get an UNKNOWN error code (-42408) everytime I launch iTunes and trying to restore recently purchased items in the iTunes store which were NOT logged in the friggin last library, which dates back some week or more?!


    Any help here would be appreciated..


    I'm seriously ****** off to a degree people at Apple/iTunes never want to see in person.. 


    I'm not upgrading to anymore idiocy, I forgot my lesson learnt long ago, but I thought it looked promising, might make up for lack in build 10.6.. and the whole ***** is some attempted censor or re write on how to catalogue and listen to music..?

  • DiFe Level 1 Level 1

    Please, follow the instructions of PizzaCake on page 3 of this discussion.


    I also faced the same problem an  error message (42480).


    Especially, install iTunes 10.7 with pacifist.

  • ed1825venture Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks pizzaCake, it works fine on 10.7, now

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 Level 1

    Pizzacake's method did *not* work for me.  iTunes complains about the library file being too new even though it is definitely a restored 10.7 one.  I have tried this six ways from Sunday and always with the same result.  I used Pacifist.  No joy for me, stuck with 11.

  • David Cun Level 4 Level 4

    Programs folder?

  • Indigo_Puka Level 1 Level 1

    use Time machine to completely rebuild and resotre all your iTunes files, including your entire music library.  iTunes 11 has re-indexed and made unreadable the contents of your music library (the .itl file), so restoring the "old" iTunes is not good enough.  You must also restore your music and media libraries.

  • Jonny V Level 1 Level 1

    I second that! I lliked using the cover flow for movies. I don't like this

  • Indigo_Puka Level 1 Level 1

    Use Timemachine to restore your system to iTunes 10.7.  I had to do a system restore to get rid of that "OS X requires iTunes" nonsense.  You will have to ensure that you re-import (restore) your entire music library as well.  I found that merely changing the .itl library file was not enough.  I had to re-install my entiire library of nearly 1.5TB!!!  Took a loooong time, but all is back and I still have all my playlists and additional info on the music files.  However, iTunes 11 "killed" my iPod.  My iPod is now "unreadable" even in disk mode.

  • Mainbrain Level 1 Level 1

    Is there no way to have your album artwork somewhere when you choose "Songs' view? Also, I liked seeing how many songs I have in all. It doesn't show that any longer.

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    From what I can tell, they actually REMOVED some of the functionality available in previous versions of iTunes...For instance, it doesn't look like my iPod is text-searchable in iTunes 11, so if I want to find a particular song I have to navigate to it (i.e. if I want to delete something, which I do all the time as I am working on an album and upload newer mastered versions of songs to my ipod all the times)...

    That seems pretty stupid.

    Also the graphical interface looks like crap and is kinda blurry...Is Apple taking tips from Bill Gates since Steve Jobs died or something?

    After I accidentally wiped my ipod while messing with the new autofill feature or something, I decided I'd had enough, and reverted to iTunes 10.7. Thanks to PizzaCakes's tips, and the Pacifist and iFunBox software, everything is working fine now. (got rid of -42408 error in iTunes too...

  • wendyfromhouston Level 1 Level 1


      Sorry to be a pain, but this is my first MAC..  can you please tell me where the Programs Folder is located ?

  • Schrodinger56 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    minimoto71 wrote:


    You should read about an app before installing it. There's a lot of info around so you should check before updating. Learn the lesson.



    "He who doesn't make a mistake doesn't learn".


    It must be difficult for you to be so perfect then!

  • TPerhai Level 1 Level 1

    When the product is touted as a vast improvement by the manufacturer and critics, that's info. I read the info, tested iTunes 11 on my laptop first because it doesn't have a large library like my iMac does. If there was a problem with the software then I wouldn't install it on my main machine. My mistake was not checking more throughly the features or lack of features. No one in the professional world had yet said not to install iTunes 11.


    What folks are so irate about is Apple didn't say anything about taking out features and changing the player so drastically in navigation. It's now too simple.


    Also, I personally am upset at all the reviewers who tested iTunes 11 and approved of it without really testing it against version 10. Most just seemed like they dallied for a few minutes, figured, it didn't crash, it's fast, what more could you ask for? No one really delved deep into it until a couple days later when negative reviews started coming in.


    It was exactly like the reviews of Windows 8. When Win8 was first released, you couldn't find any info on what changes took place, compatibility with older programs, the dropped Microsoft Mail program -- only how cool it looked and yes you really should buy it. This kind of poor research makes me wonder if I should even listen to critical reiews.


    The lack of real feedback in the first day or so made it hard to figure out that iTunes 11 was in reality a stripped down music player with little useful navigation features. Before you go and say "You should have read the info first", remember that iTunes 11 did not come with a manual. Only Apple's word for it and the reviews.

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