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    psquare11, thanks for responding so quickly.  Much appreciated.  I had already read your comment about restoring via Time Machine, but as I said, I'm not very computer-savvy.  So, if you don't mind, a few questions:


    1.  What are "s/w components"?


    2.  I'm on a Mac, have been for years, and have next to zero experience with PC's.  "Right click" is alien to me (seriously).  I tried Control-clicking on the iTunes folder, but I see no "restore" option.


    3.  Do I need to uninstall 11 before using the Time Machine restore function?  If so, how do I do that?


    4.  Was I correct that I don't need the 10.7 dmg that I downloaded?  If I do need to re-install 10.7 using the dmg, do I do that after uninstalling 11, but before the Time Machine restore?


    This is what I meant when I said "I'm hoping somebody can thoroughly explain what I need to do" (as in step by step).  If I left out anything important, please fill in the blanks for me.  Also, I'm hoping that my iPod (not synced since I installed 11) will not be affected by all of this, but let me know if I should expect problems with that after restoring 10.7.


    Again, thank you very much for your help.

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    1) S/w (software) components -- The way I'm using the expression, they are those files one finds inside a folder, but it could also mean the sub-routines in a program.  In this case, when you go to your home folder > Music > iTunes, click on iTunes and you will see the contents of that folder. Those contents are various s/w components used by the as it executes various functions, e.g., selecting one song or stopping it, or displaying cover art.  In the iTunes folder some of the components are iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, and the folder containing Album Artwork among others.


    2) Right-click is a function found on two and three button mice (most frequently used on PCs but also quite useful on Macs.  I have always been less than impressed with Apple's so-called smart mouse technology.  It's ok, but the right click function may or may not work satisfactorily.  When it does, it should open a pop-up menu that offers the user various information or commands that can be used to accomplish various tasks. I have kicked the Apple mouse to the curb; I prefer to use a 3-button Logitech USB mouse.  It has a scroll wheel and is only slightly less smooth than the Apple Smart Mouse.  When you run T/M  and navigate to Home > Music > iTunes and then right click iTunes, the pop-up will offer you the restore option.  Same goes for when you nav. to it in Applications.  If you have done this correctly, the Restore function will operate on the elements you have selected and leave the rest of your system alone.


    3) No                   |

                                |  -----  T/M should remove and replace 11 with the components you have selected.

    4) Yes (correct)   |


    5) I think your iPod should synch just as if nothing had ever happened.  But I can't guarantee that... don't have an iPod and have no experience synching.


    Good luck.

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    For those who are upset with the new iTunes,


    presents a lengthy and detailed discussion of the v.11.0 that may be of value.

    The question is whether Apple will heed user complaints and reconsider some of its feature deletions.

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    very smart of you, only problem for me is i did to much work on it to revert back to it as i will lose all of what i have done. 


    How i don't like the new iTune and worst Apple will not let me post because i said how terrible they were at controlling us (the proof, how controling they are, they banned

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    Hey PizzaCake,


    Would you have any idea how to get iTunes to stop freezing up a computer?  This problem existed before iTunes 11 came out, and I have an iMac with OS 10.6.8 with the most memory that the computer could come with.


    Thanks!  :-)

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    No disrespect intended toward psquare11, but can anyone else weigh in on the method he suggested above (using Time Machine)?  I haven't been able to find anybody else (on any forum or blog, etc) who suggests something this simple as a fix, and I'm hoping to get more opinions.  Thanks.

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    There are two ways to restore using Time Machine--your whole system, or specific files.  This is all explained in the Timemachine help info.


    To restore specific files: open a finder window.  type in "iTunes"  Highlight iTunes in the finder.  Click the time machine icon and open the app.  It will automatically "find" iTunes for you on the latest backup.  This is iTunes11.  Using the timeline to the right of the TimeMachine window, navigate back to a time when all was right with the world.  Click on that time and Time Machine will bring this window forward (you travel back in time to this backup).  On the bar on the bottom, notice the "restore" button.  Click restore and it will bring iTunes back to what it was on the date you selected. You may have to retore the ".itl" file in your library separately using the same process.


    Alternately, you can easily restore your entire system (good if you are all on one HD in your computer).  It will bring EVERYTHING back to the date you specify.  You will lose any stuff you have added since then.


    If you have your music on a separate HD, you may still get an error message after you restore your system, saying that the iTunes library is "unreadable".  This is because iTunes 11 has re-indexed your library and changed the ".itl" file.  An easy and safe (but time-consuming) way to fix this is to use the file replacement technique in iTunes.  When you get to the window in time Machine, go to the date you wanted, but then go to the column on the left side of the time machine window and highlight the HD you want to restore.  Click on the HD, then hit restore on the bottom right of the bar under the time machine windows.  I have a 1.5 TB music library (been a DJ for 20 years), so this took a long time.  I've seen other postings saying that you can replace the ".itl" file only, and iTunes will be able to re-access your music.  Since the formatting in iTunes 10.7 was very important to me, I decided to take the slow, but sure route of restoring my entire library.


    It is probably a good idea to turn off automatic Time Machine backups until you have completed these actions.  Turn it back on after you are done and have verified that your system works.  Remember that your older timemachine files now include a copy of iTunes 11 from the date that you installed it!  All your new Timemachine backups will contain the "good" files from the date of restoration forward.

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    Hmmm.  Thanks.  It's interesting... I've seen three different people suggest a different method, including the use of Terminal to uninstall version 11, AND, they say that you have to re-install version 10.7 from a dmg download. ( 10-7-in-mountain-lion)


    If those two steps are unnecessary, I wonder why this easier fix doesn't seem to be posted anywhere else (that I know of, at least)?

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    I think it depends on how much of a computer geek you are. 


    I like to keep it simple.  I was also lucky that I had realized my mistake with iTunes 11 early on, and did not do very much additional work that I wouldn't be able to save.  I used the Time Machine help function to figure out how to restore the iTunes file.  The hardest part was understanding that it was important to take care of each HD separately, since there are iTunes files sprinkled around in my system, since I use several HDs.


    I think it would also be helpful if folks could say in their  message if they are using a Mac or a Windows PC.  I don't use Windows.  I stay away from "terminal" mode unless it is absolutely necessary.  For this case, I did not find it necessary.



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    I just found another (very thorough) tutorial which includes the removal of version 11 (using AppZapper) and the installation of version 10.7:


    I can understand why you might leave 11 installed after restoring 10.7 with Time Machine, as long as it didn't cause bugs or errors, but everyone else seems to think it's important to remove it and all associated files.  Even more puzzling to me is why these other experts would be saying that 10.7 must be re-installed, if in fact it's unnecessary.  The tutorial I just linked includes the use of Time Machine to restore media files, so it makes no sense to me why they wouldn't have suggested using TM to restore the 10.7 app and avoid the unnecessary steps of downloading a 10.7 dmg and using Pacifist to install it.


    I'm definitely not a computer geek, which is why I'm asking so many questions and being so careful.  I like to think that I'm fairly intelligent and prudent, and I'm not going to rely on one person's opinion to guide me in something this important, even if I come across as rude in that sense.  So far, I've not found a single tutorial that didn't leave me with unresolved questions.


    I'm on an iMac (slightly less that 2 years old), running OSX 10.6.8


    My sincere thanks for your continued help, and much respect for your attitude and willingness to help a stranger.  I love Hawaii, by the way.  I've been to Maui and Oahu numerous times, and I was on the Big Island (Kailua-Kona) in July.  Aloha!


    <Link Edited by Host>

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    What does everyone hate about it?  When I originally opened it up, I did not like it because the side bar seemed as if it "disappeared."  However, if you go to drop down at the top and click "show menu bar", then under the "View" drop down, click show status bar and show side bar and voila.  I don't know if people have other complaints about it.

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    fredvr223, because, if you are using this for more than your personal entertainment, all the auxiliary info is gone, and there is not a columnar view option that allows you to create playlists with information that will let you inform your listeners about the music you are playing.  If you just want to fool around with music, go for it.  If you need to actually present music and document what you played, and track playlists and number of plays over time, etc...forgeddit!


    I think Apple should consider making a "DJ" version of iTunes. 

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    First to start..I switch to Apple from Windows and its been a nightmare..I hope Apple see this because it make now scents that a product this good does the hardest thinks but cannot do the simple task..Apple takes away Features so you have to spend more money on a program that does a simple one time job..Apple World trust me..I love music and has a large album collection eho like everything to be more convent..Only reason I switch because Zune Market which allows you to listen and take there whole market of music with on the Go for a small monthly fee which is great..You can surf and delete at will..Now im invested into Apple a great product that still finds away in your pocket or long headache because you want to excute the simples task..Windows and Android allows full freedom the customize with out always paying an extra fee..This is the future..If we can by the program which is probally free in Android or Windows world..Save me time and money and this program works perfect with Mac but Mac once had this feature but some how it disapears.They just want more and give you a headache for greed.. You pay for every need with Apple

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    I finally found a tutorial that was thorough and easy to understand, and I successfully downgraded to 10.7



    Thanks to everyone here who helped me.

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