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    I was begining to think it was just me. I hate the new iTunes and have been trying to get rid from the day it was installed! I'm not that computer savi so unless I can simply hit a button that says uninstall, download and reinstall an older version I'm snookered. Apple managed to lock my iPhone too with an update I shouldn't have gone for. Their support for this was frankley a waste of time and amounted to a premium rate call that was answered by a machine that told me I was in a 15 minute que, eventually they told me my phone was no longer supported and to pay them some more money for support. I think Apple has had enough of my money and to be honest I'm thinking of cutting my losses and just finding another platform.

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    This is the link that David Bailey2 posted that worked for me:



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    I hate iTunes 11. It really make my blood boil because it is so laughably frustrating to use; that is laughable in a "sending me mental" way!! It's so terrible that you can't help but laugh whilst you reach for a punch bag.


    e.g. For a little mental test, try importing 100 tunes from a record company' s catalog (e.g. Nu Groove or Strictly Rhythm). These are 95% E.P's containing about 4 tracks each. Now try organising all these tracks in iTunes 11. You can only do this in the Songs tab, without artwork of course (!!). Now how do you group them? I set the "Grouping" field to the record label name "Nu Groove" or "Strictly Rhythm".

    You can't order by the "Grouping" field in anything other than the crappy Songs tab which doesn't even show artwork!!!!!!!!

    That is problem/issue 1 of about 30 that I have with iTunes 11.

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    I've tried for a period to get used with iTunes 11 even if I hated from the first moment. I was using it since 2007 and I've put a lot of efforts in managing my song library and adding the albums artwork.

    Coverflow was so intuitive and also so DISTINCTIVE feature that was becoming iconoc for MACs. Now the iTunes 11 looks and feels as any other common media player on Windows and what is more, is so much unintuitive. Features and functions are misplaced or burried in the menu that.....

    OK enough with the complains. I've filled the negative feedback form and what is most important: I'VE RETURNED TO ITUNES 10.7 SUCCESFULY.


    I think that what is wrong in Apple now is that there are people that try to mimic Steve Jobs. No matter how hard they will try they could not succeed. It is not enough beeing smart you will need those special skills that made Steve Jobs unique. Now if you remember Steve said many times  (in different forms)that users don't know what they want. I think that what was the main message is that they will do such different and new that users could not imagine it and as a consequence could not have a direct opinion. What is not considered is that he was all time in touch with the real world of normal users despite his position. Now there are the Apple Stars, smart and extremely rich people that live in their world, becaming so arogant that they think that only because they are working for Apple and repeating themselves the words "we know better than you what you need", without having any actual contact with our real world make them Steve Jobs.

    This is the reason behind these changes. This is why they are not listening and are not interested in your opinion. It was clearly said in the Walt review of iTunes 11 that Apple representative said that there are not many people using the Cover flow feature. How did he knew?


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    This link worked *great*. Three downloads (AppZapper, iTunes 10.7, Pacifist), plus watch a YouTube video on how to access your last-replaced library. If you have backups of anything you've added since that old library was created, everything will be fine. THANKS!


    And if you lose anything, and you didn't actually throw away your iTunes 11 library but merely re-named it, you can go back to iTunes 11 if you must.

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    Clicking up top on "View-> Side bar" makes everything fine again.  Thanks so much.  Why Apple didn't default to leaving the sidebar is a mystery


    BTW- I have always HATED the search in itunes.  For instance you can't simply search 'audiobooks'.  You have to search in general-- then select 'audiobooks'.  And after clicking on something to look at it, you click back and it goes back to the general results again for that category instead of the audiobooks.

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    Is there any other solution to fix ipods not syncing to itunes 10.7 after the downgrade? I would try deleting the CDB file, but I heard that it can mess up your itunes library. Please help with this!

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    Had to delete itunes and reload earlier version, why mess with basic edit function of itunes. A search now only takes you to that section of the main libary and not grouping that section in the search.

    Also it prevents you from further grouping via song name , album, bit rate, etc. Because you are in main libary not selected search.

    Also memory has been deleted from last search if you go to a play list and back. You then have to start again.

    The earlier version is  working ok except it constantly is reminding me to update.


    I also now need to get a new phone, I will not get an iphone because I will have to update.


    Am now looking at others.



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    Wow! I seem to have hit a nerve with my first post. A lot of you dislike the changes made in iTunes 11.


    Maybe it would be a good idea for us to compile a list of the features we'd like to see restored, as well as some new ones, in the hope that Apple will take note? Bulleted lists only, and be nice!


    • Restore coverflow (everyone seems to miss it).
    • Restore media cover scalling (those of us with large libraries hate scrolling).
    • Better caching of cover artwork (I get impatient waiting for artwork to load, every time I move between movies and TV shows).
    • Compact the TV show all episodes list.
    • Add ability to read iBooks on the computer.
    • Split iDevice media syncing off into a separate app.
    • Have separate apps and stores (as iOS devices do) for each media type (Movie/TV app with a movie/TV store, Music/Podcasting/Radio app with a music store, etc).


    What can you come up with?

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    My main peeve is the mini-player. I agree with others that I really don't care about album art so much, and a lot off it is missing anyway.  And the old mini-player was truly MINI, not this WMP looking midi box taking up real estate on my desktop.  I have resorted to putting the Micro itunes icon in the toolbar, so at least I can start and stop, FF and rewind without taking up my screen.


    If enough of us complain, maybe they will change some of these things.  Think about FB's new 'Timeline Disaster'.  Everybody hated it, and they finally had to make some changes to make it palatible.  [Or some of us used Timeline Remover - maybe someone will create iTunes 11 Remover..].  


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    Under the Help button in iTunes, there is "Provide iTunes Feedback".

    Go at it everybody!


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    If you haven't already, please be sure to leave feedback for Apple here:

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    @ Nathan Goldshlag


    Sorry if this has already been answered, but this is how you can fix the issue that you were having with "The file iTunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes."


    quote from



    Close iTunes


    Go to your iTunes folder –– it's either under:


    • My Documents\My Music\iTunes\


    • \Users\username\Music\iTunes\


    ... <skipped some steps> ...


    Drag the iTunes Library file from the above location to the Desktop.


    Open the Previous iTunes Libraries folder in the iTunes folder.


    Locate the file named iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY-MM-DD is the date you upgraded iTunes (Year-Month-Day).


    Drag this file to the iTunes folder (the enclosing folder).


    Rename this file to iTunes Library.



    Final step: Be happy, your iTunes should now work . (If it doesn't, follow some of the other links I will post bellow.)


    >>> Shout out to Limnos, blorvis , Dan.H., and everyone else who helped figure this out thanks a lot for your help, and esspecially the really nice step-by-step walkthroughs on how to fix and downgrade iTunes.


    Peace out people,






    Further help links:


    All of these are great, and I used a mix of all of them (in fact, I just did one after anthor until iTunes worked.


    I would going through all the instructions on link 2, and then going all the intructions on link 3. (Yes, there are some repeat steps, but it's ok they don't take long to do.)


    And if at anytime you get lost, link 1 had a nice global perspective of the whole process.





    PS. Shout out to any other posters who's blogs I read the other day while trying to figure this out. Sorry I forgot your names and what sites I read your posts on, but thanks

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    Thanks Muchly! I was completely lost when I updated to the new version this morning and reading this solution had made my day =] And the information you added at the end was good to know as well, thank you.

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    I am sorry Apple staff, I really hate this new itune. It somehow deleted all my photos and music in my iphone a month agao. Today, it just deleted all my music from my ipod. My old memories- songs/photos. I lost everything. I don't like to write comments normally but this time i was so upset that i had to get a username & id to get in. Gosh! I hate it so much. Why they don't make it simple & why they need to come up with new version (which totally *****!!) . The old one was humble enough not to erase my favourite music collection. I am so done with this Itune, not going to use it anymore.  Angry but not to the point that i will throw my mac book hehee! SMILE smile smile , spreading love after showing my hate on itune LOL !!! peace!

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