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My AppleTV (ios 5.1.1) gets its AirPlay from the Airport Express (latest white puck running 7.6.2). I have a second Airport Express (7.6.1) in the office. Using iTunes, I can select multiple speakers and hear music from the Apple TV speakers + office speakers. Yay.


The problem comes when I use the AppleTV menu to select the office speakers. Nada. I thought the 5.1 release was supposed to enable what iTunes does using the AppleTV instead. But at the moment, I can't even get music to play just on the Airport Express-connected speakers.

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    Hey... I too am having some issues similar to this... When I am air playing some music onto my Apple TV (720p, just before the 1080p version) via my iPad 3 it plays fine on the speakers connected to the Apple TV, but when I go onto the option of air playing the music from my Apple TV to other speakers, the music blanks out for a second or two and tick marks the other speakers, but yet plays the music on my Apple TV ONLY and not on the remote speakers either or together... No clue why this seems to be happening ... Please do help !! Cheers