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  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I had a look at an iPhone 5 in an Apple store 2 days after it was released. The black color already came off and you could see the aluminium shining through. Embarrasing...

  • Anthony M. Tortoriello II Level 1 (15 points)

    Listen people...quit your bi%#%ing about Apple and as if the lack of album artwork...which I don't like the demise of the company!  Sheesh....this has nothing to do with iPhone5's which happen to be absolutely AMAZING too.  I have had one from day1 and ZERO aluminum shining through so quit the bulls#$t.  Your posts are the only embarassing thing that I see.  Get back to the topic at hand and let Apple know we are not 4 year old girls simply wanting to complain for no reason.

  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, Apple just deleted my last post within one minute. Respect! So Big Brother is reading here after all...


    Now if you fix all the issues with iTunes 11 just as speedily then I will be really impressed!

  • TPerhai Level 1 (0 points)

    People may be griping but they have a reason to gripe. It is not whining. Some of us may not be articulate in venting frustration, but you have to admit that the number of views and numerous replies does signal some sort of dissatisfaction with iTunes 11. Yes, I think some of the posts are a bit overwrought, but there some of us have been trying to steer the venting into more coherent comments in Feedback, such as it is.


    You're also a bit overwrought. I can understand. It seems that all we are doing is conplaining about features that don't matter, but they do matter. Apple will survive, but iTunes 11 is hopefully not the direction the company is heading. I recall quite vivdly the anger over the incomplete Final Cut Pro X...I was amazed that Apple would actualy release the product without certain key features. Apple Maps I am not quite familiar with, so cannot comment on that.


    The point is, for those of us users -- and it seems there are many -- who enjoyed the Artwork features like Coverflow and Selected Item view, feel like what happened when Apple redesigned iMovie. Apple needs the feedback urgently that this version 11 is not properly thought out.


    Apple, while appearing to be stable, has an underlying current in the past couple of years that seems as if the company is acting disdainful of its more intelligent and technical customers. That is not the "arrogance" mentioned in the press, but merely a disinterest in a particular chunk of its user base. iTunes 11 is an example of that disinterest. I hope that it is not a trend.

  • KMITB Level 1 (0 points)

    Well said TP.  I guess for me, I'd like to hear why they removed the features many itunes users enjoyed.  I appreciate the older version of itunes for it's simplicity and the ability to view the album art and various other pictures associated with that song/album.  Again, I will not upgrade itunes until that stuff comes back.  Looks like I'll be on 10.5 for a very long time!

  • JBail91 Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought Apple valued album artwork??


    Previous versions put emphasis on the layout of artwork which made the bottom left corner display such an achievement as a central piece that gave contrast to everything else.

  • julia444 Level 1 (0 points)

    aquadogusa, I think you're correct, when I went back to a previous playlist in 10.7 it would still be in the position I left it.  I loved that feature, as well as the ability to set repeat by playlist. 


    I'm in the "this is not an upgrade" camp with iTunes 11 for sure.

  • aquadogusa Level 1 (0 points)

    How does that change improve ANYTHING?  I don't get any of of these "imrovements"...can someone please explain to me how they make anything better?  The playlist resets itself to the top position every time...does that improve efficiency?  Does it make the interface better?  Does it help Apple make more money?  How??  Please, I am genuinely baffled and need some reasonable answers.

  • arnaud.schockmel Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't understand how iTunes 11 should be an improvement when so many people don't like it

    What I'm particullary missing is the album cover art in the "Songs" view, so that in the songs view, everything is listed like the artist view plus the "browser"
    There should at least be an option to get that album artwork, it's really disappointing not to be able to have the artwork while I'm just using the Column browser


    It's the first time I'm actually writing something here, it's the first time I don't like an update at all and it's really sad we can't at least go back to version 10 if it's gonna stay like this

  • KMITB Level 1 (0 points)

    Search this thread...I believe someone posted a way to downgrade back to 10.7.

  • pizzaazzip Level 1 (0 points)

    Not sure how to do this, but I'm willing to bet you can make a smart playlist which contains all of your Music.  From playlists, you can enable album artwork.

  • Eddie Strauss Level 3 (990 points)

    From playlists you can enable album artwork?

  • KMITB Level 1 (0 points)

    Someone mentioned that you can make the album art window that pops up always stay on top of itunes.  Then you scale down and place it where it was.  Still not what it should be.  I liked being album to see album art for other tracks while another one was playing.  With that fancy middle section opening up to reveal the album art and tracks in the color of the album art, I'm afraid they won't bring that window in the lower left back.


    I was working with itunes 10.5 last night and another feature wiped out is multiple windows.  So when I was working with playlists and putting music on my ipod...I had both up at the same time.  Can't do that anymore.

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