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  • Wender. Level 2 Level 2

    No, it is just in the main window. Not the same but a bit better.


    This: Album artwork in the bottom left corner, ability to switch between selected track and playing track. That's all I want. It's gone after what... 10 years?


    I loved browsing through the list of songs with the artwork as a quick guide to what I had in my library.

  • pizzaazzip Level 1 Level 1

    Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.39.43 .pngScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.40.03 .pngScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.40.52 .png

    It isn't the same clearly, especially since there is a artist bar but it might work.  Unfortunately it doesn't show stuff like play count, filetype etc so I doubt this will actually be useful for anyone.

  • MelanieLia Level 1 Level 1

    I don't normally mind change, but losing the Album Art in song view is annoying enough to make me want to switch back to iTunes 10. A tiny version of the artwork of the current song vs. a customizable box that shows artwork of any song you want... I think it's pretty obvious which is the better choice!

  • Rojany Level 1 Level 1

    I concur, this album cover preview feature was one of those I enjoyed the most, and it was a very big disappointment to see it go away.

  • Copaman Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the people who are dissatisfied with iTunes 11. I'm glad I spent all that time importing artwork just to lose it all again.


    I have a few podcasts that don't have artwork, so I would cut and paste the artwork into the lower left hand pane every time I got a podcast without art. Now, I have to go select the podcast, right click to "Get Info", tab over to Artwork, copy from the previous podcast and do that same thing again on the podcast I am copying to. What used to be a two-step process at about 3 seconds is now about a 12 step process at about 10 times that.


    But, I guess in Apple's defense, it's not like the steaming pile of a Podcasts app is actually going to display that artwork. Even if you have individually different artwork on podcast episodes, the Podcasts app will only display the artwork for the show. And don't even think about podcasts with chapters...


    iTunes 11 is so bad - and I wrote Apple and told them this (and surprise, they didn't answer) - but it is enough to make me upgrade to a non-Apple smartphone for my next purchase. I use iTunes to manage my music and my phone. With this version of iTunes, they are making it hard for me to do either very effectively.


    The one thing I loved most about Apple was the ability to preview album art and easily update it if it was missing or wrong. Don't know why now, 10 versions later, they decide that "Nah, all that cool album art? Nah, we don't need that any more."


    Bring back the album art preview!

  • pizzaazzip Level 1 Level 1

    Do you know how to select multiple items with shift or control? Did you also know you can create a smart playlist with your missing album art?  I can show you this if you like.  I have been using iTunes since 2006 and I have never used the preview for organizing artwork and I was able to and still am able to manage 15,000 media items...

  • Copaman Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, pizzazzip, show me the smart playlist thing. I stopped using Smart Playlists in iTunes 7 when they broke those, and began recently using them again in iTunes 10 until they stopped supporting the use of smart playlists in the Podcasts app.


    Whenever I upgrade iTunes, here's what I do: I open Cover Flow to look for what album's art suddenly disappeared. For example, this time, Candlebox, Norah Jones, and Robert Johnson all, for some reason, lost their artwork. I was surprised, because usually it's about 500-800 of my 30,000 items that lose their artwork. Generally, when artwork that had been furnished by Apple that suddenly disappears in the update, I select all the items that are missing manually, do the "Get Album Artwork" and then it's about 50-50 whether or not Apple returns the artwork or not. In those cases, I select all of the items in the album, do the Get Info thing, do a Google search, and cut and paste the artwork back in. But, after so many updates and losing art, by this point, most of the artwork has been custom replaced by me, so the amount that will go missing next update will be fewer. But as I pointed out, I still lose Apple-furnished art on every update.


    I don't mind the Album View over Cover Flow for finding missing artwork. What I object to is not being able to see the artwork when I click a song or (and I can't stress this enough) a podcast.


    The art preview was very important to me with regard to podcasts.


    Here's another thing that Apple tends to do on update. The album art remains in tact for all items, For example, the Batman score had all of its artwork in tact for all items - except for the first song from the album. It's not until I view it on the iPhone that I discover the artwork is missing. Usually it's the first song, occasionally it's some other random song (like #4 of 16). Cover Flow/Album Art doesn't pick up on these, but they are missing.


    If you have a way to use a smart playlist to pick up on those items, I'm all for it, especially if it finds those individual items whose art has inexplicitly disappeared.


    You can see why, when iTunes 11 showed up without the sidebar, without the art preview, and without the cover flow, it threw me for a loop.


    Anyway, yes, please show me the smart playlist to find the missing album art.

  • David Hartz Level 1 Level 1

    I used to copy and paste all of my album art. In iTunes 11, I can drag but not paste.

  • Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3

    You can. Open the Get info window, tab 2. Click inside the graphics box toward the lower left. Command-V.


    Also, as I recently learned on here, double click inside that box and you get a Mac finder dialogue to select a file from your computer.


    Oh, that's assuming you haveva mac. Don't know anything about the other side.

  • epee fulham Level 1 Level 1

    I am sorry to say I totally agree. My big fear was that with out Steve Jobs the company would go back to the bad old days that I remember without him. Now the share holders are running the show and that has given us the IPad mini built for a quick buck.

  • DaQi Level 1 Level 1

    Very disappointed about the loss of cover view in song listing. This was my goto view I used and loved in iTunes. Doesn't feel like an upgrade. Well at least itunes 11 doesn't appear to crash all the time like itunes 10 did so maybe it is a step up. I guess I may need to take the step and move to JRiver instead since it now has the same interface. Please apple quickly bring back this feature.

  • vivienlyle13 Level 1 Level 1

    I've also noticed the major deficiencies in iTunes 11.0


    1. The album art square in the lower left-hand corner is gone. Now I cannot view the album artwork of selected tracks unless I am actually playing them. Before, I could just drag an album cover to the preview window on any selected song and it would be added. I didn't even need to open “Get Info” and then drag and drop into the Artwork section. Another thing is that right now it will be hard for me to check if any of the songs are missing Album Art. The "Albums" view will show the artwork as long as one of the songs in the album has the artwork, but that's quite annoying to check.

    2. The “View Duplicates” function is gone. That was really helpful for catching songs I had either downloaded twice or added to a playlist twice.

    3. No more cover flow


    I use iTunes all the time and these changes are really annoying.

  • pizzaazzip Level 1 Level 1

    Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 18.24.37 .png

    Click the playlists, on the bottom left near the gear is the plus with the down arrow, choose "Smart Playlist"

    Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 18.24.53 .png

    In the first drop down menu, choose "Album Artwork" & set the next one to the right of it to "is false"


    Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 18.25.14 .png

    I left everything else as default and pressed ok.  Here you see a bunch of podcasts that I have not added album artwork to because I don't actually care about them.  This should be the same for windows, include screenshotts if it isn't & you are confused. 


    I woiuld of replied to this initially but I was away from my computer at the time.


    The sidebar should show up via "view>Show Sidebar" I am a album art junkie, being a huge fan of Linkin Park, I cycle through alternate album covers for some of their foreign releases and their Singles.  Zune was so good and still is (now u have to have a freeking windows phone though) at album covers and since I sync my iTunes with google music, they don't show me the love as much with album art.  I still do this with album art and I hope this makes your music collection a little bit easier to manage.

  • Copaman Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much, pizzaazzip!


    For other Windows users out there, the only difference in what was posted above is that the option on the smart playlist on Windows is called "Has Artwork". Other than that, everything else is spot on. (However, I'm not quite sure why they call it "Album Artwork" on the Mac and "Has Artwork" on the PC...)


    Thank you so very much!

  • Kim Hill1 Level 2 Level 2

    I posted this in the big, "What are your thoughts…" thread as well, but I guess it's actually more appropriate here.


    Many of the iTunes critics here are obviously big Apple fans. Personally, I've even been accused of working for Apple here- more than once. But iTunes 11 is not only a disappointment- it feels a bit like Apple breaking faith- kind of a hard pill to swallow.


    Many, many music fans need list views, myself included. But with iTunes 11, I've lost the lower-left art preview- and with it, I’ve lost direct access to all my cover art- except for the playing track! Unbelieveable.


    Clicking & seeing cover art is so critical to jogging your memory. I used to do that constantly … gone now. I used to check tracks for cover art while listening to other music. It was fun- relaxing. Impossible now.


    I’ve acquired & embedded large cover art- mainly because of my beautiful Retina iPad display. Now I can’t access ANY full-sized art — in ANY view — except for the currently playing track. Unbelieveable.


    I took a look at the PC iTunes forum here, and found less concern about the changes. My theory is that PC folk are used to bad things happening- used to disappointment & difficulty. They’re much more fatalistic than Mac users, who are used to being delighted. Disappointment like this hit the Mac community harder.


    Mac users care about how their software works- that’s why they’re Mac users. They value flexibility, and- yes- delight. I’ll admit, I’ve been smug about this at times. I’m not feeling very smug now.


    Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.35.07 AM.png

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