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    <sigh> I'm so bummed with iTunes 11 and losing the album art view that showed the song details. I worked so hard to get it looking nice and now all I can see is the art and song.

  • grufnmuf Level 1 (0 points)

    I used these simple instruction here

    to downgrade on a mac.....


    thanks for all the help.. just so's y'know.. I tried to follow the instructions to addback missing tracks. On the mac, there is no "add folder" option but there is an "add to library" option and I'm trying that.. I'll report back with the results.

  • grufnmuf Level 1 (0 points)

    I used these simple instruction here

    to downgrade on a mac.....


    thanks for all the help.. just so's y'know.. I tried to follow the instructions to addback missing tracks. On the mac, there is no "add folder" option but there is an "add to library" option and I'm trying that.. I'll report back with the results.


    I have an "organising files" window and my files are flying by at high speed...


    Now that it's "organised (found) the files, it's changed to "processing artwork" for 5931 songs.. out of a library of 35,298 so I ASSUME that it's "found" almost 6000 tunes which have somehow gotten their silly selves lost.. at least that's what I HOPE has hapened and not simply that I'm getting almost 6000 new dupes in the library... (the main wndow that displays all my "music"). But this is the same process that transpires whenever I add a new cd... import and then "process artwork".

    and - it's done...


    since I hadn't noticed the missing tunes before - didn't even get the "!" symbol, I don't really have any way of knowing for sure what's been found... so I'll just assume the best....


    hope this helps someone else.

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    As so many have said yet another APPL decision to remove something we all used, getting more like MS with every 'upgrade or OS" has anything really got better since Tiger/Leopard.

    Doesn't seem to do much good but heres another voice to the list APPL won't listen to.

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    I honestly don't hate the new iTunes.  There are alot of features that are a step forward in my opinion, like the album display sliding down to show the track listing, which is all somehow a colour that's prominant in the image.  I do like that.


    That being said, I'm someone who has spent not hours but DAYS adding album artwork not just to an overall album, but I put the artwork on the singles as well.  I pride my self on having a different picture for each song in the album.  It was a great thing in the past to scroll down and see all the different artworks in the side display.  Will I be downgrading back to iTunes 10?  Probably not, that seems like more work than it's worth- however I really wish that apple will read this message and fix that problem in later updates.  I'm not going to say "Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave" or something to that extent (like some of the people in this thread... holy crap take it easy), but I really hope this issue gets resolved.

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    If you click on Artists (top center below the menu bar)and sort by Artists the Album art is still there

  • CKyaw Level 1 (0 points)

    This new version is a CRAP

    Where is the cover flow??


    Whati the brilliant developers were thinking when they decided to make such a POS?!?!?!?!?!

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    So I figured how how to view my song list with the art work on the right... Go to Artist view. Then click on View, view Options and check group colpulations, then click on all artisis... This will group all your music by Artist, then album with the art work on the right making in my opinion music easily idenfiable..  This will give you the same view as SOngs with the art work on the right.  The only down side is you can't do a further sort like date added, BPM, ect.  This is how I always viewed my music in 10. Hope it helps.

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    Thanks. But this new version is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. How could any halfway normal person imagine this would be acceptable. Virtually no artwork. No cover flow. What is the point of it? Is it some technical change at the cost of producing a rubbish and boring piece of tat? It hasn't taken long since old Mr Jobs, hardly cold, for the company to comprehensively lose its way with iPlayer and previously the talking phone thing. Forget it. It's all over.

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    I need my Mac because it's more reliable than a Windows machine for my DJ equipment, but I'm seriously thinking about selling all my i-devices at this point. All I use my Mac for is music and this new i-Tunes "upgrade" is forcing me to look for alternatives. That program will probably not sync music with my iPhone, iPads or iPods, so what is the point of keeping them?


    A guy at the Serato-forum (DJ-controller software) once told me he would never thrust Apple to organize his music and strongly recomended me not to. I did not agree. I had been using iTunes since the begining and customised to my exact needs. All fields are edited correctly. I have BPM for all songs, 80% of my music is tagged with record company and catalogue number. ALL albums/EP's/CDM/CDS and single tunes have correct covers, so I can easily spot them while I browse my library. A lot of them also contains relevant info in the comment field, for easy searching.


    That guy at The Serato-forums was right. Apple managed to destroy thousands of hours of work in just one little uppdate.

    I really, really didn't see that comming from the company that gave me as a PC user "a glass of cold water in ****".

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    Nice one Apple, not content with ruining my iPad with that IOS6 abomination & maps that are no use to me whatsoever.... i now update iTunes to find that now screwed up too,

    there are some nice new additions but the removal of the basic ability to see the full size artwork of a song without playing it first and then having to click on the little postage stamp picture at the top.... very convenient


    I own 2 iPhones (Luckily those have not been contaminated with IOS6 so the maps still work properly), an IOS6 contaminated iPad & 5 iPods and there are currently 26,630 songs in my iTunes library, all correctly named, tagged & with decent sized cover art, so i think i have my fair share of Apple devices & have always regarded Apple products as state of the art, these last 2 updates though have seriously dented that thought for me.

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  • swstroud Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree wholeheartedly!! 3 iMacs; iPAD, 3 iPhones, 4 iPods...  now time to move to another hardware and software supplier.. I've had enough of spending thousands, only to be put off by idiots trying to go change a perfectly good system, and not telling me about the changes before I agree to making them.


    Itunes was relatively good, although it kept messing up my titles and mixing songs with each other.. and annoying me on auto-syncs when it was apparently switched off.


    But this new update is the worst looking and most useless update I have had the displeasure of having to download.


    Apple, you have lost a customer.

  • e.f. Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with many points made in this discussion.  Friendly reminder - complaining here unfortunately does no good.  Submit feedback to Apple -  It takes a lot of requests to get them to notice, but they do notice eventually. 

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    I could understand making upgrades and changing the layout but it'd be nice if there was a "classic" view or layout option like Microsoft has done. This new 11 is horrid! It takes so much more time to manually manage let alone view your music.


    It amazes me that as soon as Steve Job passed on that they're having all these internal issues. We've heard that Jobs was very hard on employees through the decades but obviously it was done with heart and the vision that no one else really had and that's been proven with not only products but the way we as a society work, live and play. I doubt that we'll really ever see that from the current and future Apple, it is what it is. And, there will be another company someday that will be the new leading innovator.


    Although I do applaud them for bringing the iPad Mini to be assembled here in the states, it's definitely not innovative. Motorola was making Star Tac cell phones in 1999 here in Illinois until they were forced to China, that wasn't long ago so they're reverting back to methods from 15 years ago. This iTunes 11 layout seems like an earlier 2000's music manger.


    Does no one at Apple have any response to this grid less (plus more) issues? I've made the decision after reading about a half a dozen of these complaint pages and writing my bit here to uninstall 11 and go back to an earlier version until they perhaps give what their customers really want back.


    Okay, done with my rant.

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