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  • seventy one Level 6 Level 6

    Sadly you may never know what good that does either.  With no acknowledgement and instructions not to rant, only the eventual resolution of the problem will tell you ... and they are getting fewer and further between.

  • gerhard221 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi but this is not true, you can indeed see the cover in Playlist mode even better than ever in iTunes 11

    This works also when the track is not playing.

    Just choose your playlist, hit the button "view" on the top right and choose grid or artist list and you will get inside your playlist all the cover arts! Not only one of the choosen one in iTunes 10.

    so for me it works perfectly and better than ever.

    Remember all this "INSIDE" the playlist!


    regards Gerhard


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  • Gleeok Level 1 Level 1

    @ gerhard221

    "Just choose your playlist, hit the button "view" on the top right and choose grid or artist list and you will get inside your playlist all the cover arts! Not only one of the choosen one in iTunes 10."


    That's not what I'm talking about.  What you're refering to is the album artwork beside the tunes within the playlist.  This discussion is about the little box that used to display the selected song on the bottom left corner.  When nothing was selected, or a song without artwork was playing, it would say "no artwork available". And regardless, when I do change it to those views, it rearranges the order of the actual playlist.  I spend hours creating playlists in specific orders and I will not change that to a grid view, thank you.  And with the artist view, it treats it like a smart playlist from iTunes 10, again, rearranging the order of the whole playlist.

  • NedimKara Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed, I think the thing that gets me the most isn't the new look of it or the loss of "Cover Flow" but rather the fact that the album artwork isn't displayed in a box on the bottom left hand corner. This is one of the biggest reasons why I dislike iTunes 11. I have been browsing through the forums and you and I are not the only ones with this problem, many other apple customers have updated and are complaining about the lack of artwork. Hopefully, Apple will release an update that returns the artwork cover in the bottom left hand corner feature.

  • Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3

    I don't think it needs to be in the lower left hand corner. But List View is the most full featured with the most selectable information to show. For those whose database contains great detail it is an important view. Now with a lack of separation between albums and no artwork showing at all, it becomes entirely less useful.


    We all want the artwork returned somewhere. And what's gone completely is a way to see larger artwork for something in the library that is not selected and playing.


    By the way, the large cover you see when something is playing is marred by buttons and controls when you stop the music to examine the cover, as I need to do frequently.

  • KMITB Level 1 Level 1

    iTunes needs to make your viewing experience more customizable.  Everyone of us likes different why not let us choose?  I think it's reasonable to be able to go from cover flow to classic view (iTunes 10) to itunes 11.

  • SkewMatrix Level 1 Level 1

    NedimKara, I could've written that myself.


    It is very frustrating that Apple takes away such features and then provides no transition guide, a kind of "here's how you did it before, here's how you do it now". I'd like to think that iTunes 11 is just as capable as iTunes 10 -- that's usually what a version increment implies -- but after playing with the UI a lot, and seeing the complaints online indicating I'm not alone, it seems iTunes 11 is some kind of de-evolution.


    Many people have posted "here's how to do <some task> in iTunes 11" -- Thanks, but after trying your suggestions, I still feel that iTunes 10 had better methods. This is not just me resisting change, this is me counting mouse clicks and finding that iTunes 11 requires much more interaction than iTunes 10. Since the introduction of the Mac in 1984, Apple was always about making things easier to use, but iTunes 11 has made it harder. Sad.

  • De Nield's Son Level 1 Level 1

    i completely agree. itunes11 has taken so many useful features away it's difficult to know where to start.


    • Why apple have chosen to remove the album artwork preview at the bottom left corner i have no idea.
    • In 'song' view there's not even an option to have any artwork!
    • Albums in artist/album/genre view can no longer be sorted by year.
    • In album view, the column browser isn't even available but where it is (in artist, genre and playlist views) there is only the option of column browsing by artist, not by album which was previously a good feature.
    • When selecting 'get info' on a single song the option to move to the next or previous song is no longer there. Entering track info for new music, should it need it, now takes a month of sundays.


    There's plenty more I could mention but life's too short. I just wanted to have a good moan at apple for the hatchet job they've done with itunes. Worst apple software release. Ever!

  • PhonZeit Level 1 Level 1

    There is a way to get rid of the error problem. Download the application Pacifist. This app allows you to install previous versions of iTunes from a disk image and write over any and all existing iTunes system files. So if you have the disk image for iTunes 10.7 open and install it using Pacifist and it will overwrite the frameworks files left by iTunes 11 and all should be well again. Here's a link to a tutorial that explains the procedure in depth.

  • rhythmdevils Level 1 Level 1

    I just upgraded and I would like to throw up on the white floor of an apple store.  List view is the only usable view option for anyone with a real music library, and they removed all album artwork!  It's a bloody spreadsheet now!  *** are they thinking at apple?  I can't remember the last time they actually improved a product aside from adding faster processors to the iphone for the last 5 years.  They ruined Final Cut Pro after having an absolute monopoly on the industry, turned it into a prosumer piece of garbage, the latest OSX is nothing but annoying changes like forcing me to enter my password every 10 seconds, and now they removed artwork from itunes?  *** do I care about no borders around the edge of the window when they removed the artwork???!!!  Oh yay, fancy new shading and a new font.  I want my album artwork!  I don't listen to music to stare at some idiot designer's favorite new font. 


    I kind of want to learn how to use a PC.  Apple seems to only care about idiots who listen to Justin Bieber and make home videos of their kids.  They made Final Cut Pro unusable for anyone serious about video, and now they did the same with itunes. 

  • rhythmdevils Level 1 Level 1

    The only way I can find to see album artwork bigger than a thumbtack in list view is to open the artwork in a new window.   I thought I found a workaround by leaving this separate artwork window in the lefthand corner of the screen, but that window is the movie player, so as soon as you play a movie in itunes, the whole thing gets messed up.  Why the FCK is the only way to see album artwork in list view to view it in the movie window, so it gets resized and relocated everytime you watch a movie? 


    Even the workaround is a total fail. 


    Maybe the iphone 5s can just be an iphone 5 with no systems preferences, and diamonds all over the back. 


    The only possible fix I can think of is a plugin or companion app that displays album artwork in a seperate window that we could keep in the corner of our screens.  Seems like that probably exists. 

  • MaxSeven777 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't understand what everyone is protesting. The list view is available, with album artwork. In the main window, click on Songs in the top bar and sort by whatever criteria you desire. Click on the thumnail of the album art in the play window at the top and the album art appears in a separate window, which you can position and size however you like. Make sure, in Advanced Preferences, you have "Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows" and "Keep movie window on top of all other windows" checked. This is a better and more flexible design than the prior version.


    If you want the album art in the lower left, just position the window there.


    Are people just angry because "it's different" than iTunes 10?

  • grufnmuf Level 1 Level 1

    nope - we're angry because YOUR system doesn't allow me to highlight several tracks at once and then simply drag the artwok that I wish to ascribe to those tracks into the small window on the bottom left - as I always could before.

    Also I don't believe that your method allows me to see the 'selected" tune - just the one playing.

  • MaxSeven777 Level 1 Level 1

    Okay - but why do you need to "ascribe" new artwork to specifc tracks? I can't see how that is live or die functionality. However, you can drag artwork to the play window at the top if you want to swap artwork. Also, if you want to see the artwork for a "selected tune" while another track is playing, then just switch to album view and you can do that all day long. You can toggle amongst "Songs", "Albums", "Artists" and "Genres" at any time while a song is playing, and select whatever track you desire to see different things.


    If anything, there is a great deal more functionality in the new version.

  • grufnmuf Level 1 Level 1

    you are COMPLETELY missing the point here.. I don't NEED to ascibe new artwork - I WANT to do so, as I have been able to do for quite some time now... toggling - switching - why should I have to do all that... I nevr used to have to do it before?


    what is the "great deal more functionality" you speak of? What more does it now do than it did before? and why, even if it's such wonderful stuff, was it necessary to REMOVE options in order to make this "great deal more functionality" possible?

    Perhaps you could tell us "angry" "protesters" that, eh?

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