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  • ichat36 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wish in arist view one can sort by date added, BPM and other options but APPLE has limited that. You can create a custom play list and still have the new Artist view but the sort options are limited... the only sort option I used mostly was date added... as I like my new music close to the top.

  • ichat36 Level 1 (0 points)

    I totalaly 100% understand you want cover flow back... how so I say this nicley without taking away from your opinion that you are 10000000% entitled to....???  Its gone.. all we can do is send apple feed back, protest apple and move onto another product or just work with what we have or try to find another solution or work around... there are wayyyy too many APPLE forum members and with that in mind it will go into different directions. My MAC pro friend told me to get a grip at first and I was very very reluctant and offended... but I took my time and in the end it works for me.. not 100% but to the point where I am not ready to throw my MAC out the window.. LOL There are forums I am not happy with and I do not agree or find them helpful so what do I do?  I move on to another forum.

  • SirKevinSinfield Level 1 (0 points)

    Just want you to know, i'm not aiming my comments at you as such, and appreciate your attempts to help folk. I'm just frustrated by the way apple seems to be going these days.

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    I mean no disrespect, but many of you  come across as defending Apple by dismissing problems users are having, or proposing blatantly innefective solutions that do not address the problem, and then declaring them solved, trying to wipe the problems under the carpet.  Many of you seem more concerned with declaring the problems "solved" than actually reading what the problem was in the first place. 

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    gerhard221 wrote:


    SkewMatrix wrote:



    If I am wrong on any of the above, if someone knows of a 2-click process for adding album art -- or even better a way to get iTunes 11 to recognize the album and automatically retrieve the art -- please correct me and I will thank you profusely.

    But really it's that simple. select the album (album view) drag the cover to the grey title bar, where usually the track time counts down. There will appear a blue frame around it. Drop it. Thats it. just one click!


    That's great, except for the fact that it doesn't actually work. The only way I managed to get it to work was to not just select the album, but also click play. Only after clicking play was I able to drag and drop the album art into the title bar. (And I'd like to note that there was no visual feedback that this had taken effect, either -- I had to play around quite a bit before I actually saw the album art.)


    So, thanks all. I have lodged my complain with Apple, for all the good it will do.

  • gerhard221 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ian Kelleigh wrote:


    Or I could just use the new List view and not get to see my album art anymore unless a track is playing which is, quite honestly, a terrible user experience.

    Hello Kelleigh,


    with the sorting stuff I can't help. But while playing thi list you can have a look to the rest of the artwork of this playlist. by viewing it like this:



    here in Playlist "Meine Lieblingstitel" AC/DC is playing, while I can see all the other artwork of the playlist

    Does it help?

  • Ian Kelleigh Level 1 (140 points)

    Yes gerhard I'm aware of this view. It's Artist view and while I can see the art for each album in a semi-list view, I don't see other information in this view like I could before. Such as times played, date added, genre etc.


    Also, I can't custom organize this view, meaning I can't move albums around. I am limited to things like Album Year and Album title.


    For example, say I have a playlist called "Artists of Woodstock". I have albums in there from Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin etc. If I go into Artist view the music is listed first alphabetically by artist, then by what other criteria such as Album Year or Album title. I can't simply move any Jimi Hendix albums to last place because this view is locked in based on Artist.


    I prefer to be able to customize any playlist how I want to visualize it. In iTunes 10 I could freely do this. Not so much anymore.

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    yes you are right, I tried it, change play order works only with 'normal' playlist but not with 'smart lists'

    never recognized, because I usually use random play, or moving songs around in 'up next' list.

    Maybe we also find a solution for this, I will play around a little bit...

  • gerhard221 Level 1 (0 points)

    you could export this smart list as .m3u8 and then import this as a normal playlist.

    Than you can move around the songs as you like. I know this is not your favorite way, but as a workaround it could be useful...

  • Ian Kelleigh Level 1 (140 points)

    I don't use Smart Playlists at all, but thanks for the trick.

  • gerhard221 Level 1 (0 points)

    but in normal playlists it works at my computer? It does not at yours?

    ha edit!


    And it even works with smart list. You have to sort by play order. Then you can move the tracks around. But not in album view...only in list view..

    But even in Album view the playorder will stay...

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    I appreciate the help for iTunes 11. It does make living with the version a possibility. However, I still cannot figure out why it was necessary to redesign iTunes in the first place.


    The tips do however, point out the keyboard-based operation of version 11. Once you figure out the commands, iTunes 11 could become easier to use. But why resort to key commands when drag-and-drop worked just fine on its own before? I'd have to practice on iTunes 11, but it seems that features aren't so obvious now -- you need to look for them. Also, there is the "missing features" issue involving the limited View modes.


    As ever, feedback, feedback, feedback.

  • derek ryba1 Level 1 (95 points)

    Same concern here. Every iteration of iTunes is worse than the previous. iTunes 11 is a confusing mess. My album art is always screwed-up. One moment the album art is correct, the next, I have Led Zeppelins Celebration album art stuck to an audiobook. This sort of garbage happens with all my music. I have to keep deleting and re-syncing to get the album art to associate correctly with my iPhone. This happens constantly. Now, I try to use iTunes as little as possible.  Most of the time I use MediaMonkey. Simple to use and handles almost any audio format. I am to the point where I hate iTunes. It is a bloated difficult mess. 

  • Steve Gallagher Level 1 (10 points)

    "Why do you have to use song view for your library? Can you not use a blend of different views to order your playback."


    Now I might better understand.


    Guess what, I almost never use iTunes for mucic playback. I still use it for its original purpose, a library manager. Remember the original slogan. "Rip, Mix Burn"?


    Right now I'm importing a new CD into iTunes, but am listening to an iPod Classic loaded with Apple Lossless songs (fron a playlist made in iTunes) through a set of powered desktop speakers.


    I look at the list view ad a card catalog in a physical book library. I need access to all pertinent data (as I see fit) to do basic maintenance. One of the most important things (for me), beyond Name, Artist, Album Date Added, Date Modified (your criteria will certainly vary) is the artwork, as shown in the bottom left of the sidebar.


    I have 41 Johnny Cash albums, having the artwork showing is a great mnemonic device for identifying individual albums. And remember, I don't have any music playing in iTunes when I do this kind of search, so art on the playing song only is really of no use to me.


    It's obvious that they're trying to make the OSX version of iTunes more like what you see on an iOS device. It's now more of a player than a manager.


    What's wrong with offering a "classic" view? The code is already written to display artwork (selected or now playing) in the lower left corner, they don't have to reinvent the wheel.

  • MaxSeven777 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seems like you should be using JRiver Media Center as your music/media managing software.


    Edit: Although you would have to switch to Windows 8

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