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  • EvilBlackRifle Level 1 Level 1

    iphones and badass should be used in the past tense!

  • Maquiladora Level 2 Level 2

    Same here. I really don't like iTunes 11... Looks like Apple is going down without Jobs. The "Expanded View" make iTunes looks like a cheap PC shareware music player from the 90s. That odd gradient completely ruins cover artworks.


    Cover Flow was 100 times better.


    I'd go back to iTunes 10 if I could...

  • the biggest kahuna Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I have to agree with you guys, I'm not big on bashing Apple, but with this latest iTunes 11 update, I have to wonder what other surprises we're in for if they can't even get this right, I am a big believer in change for the better good, so I am very forgiving on most things Apple has to re-create, But when you take away functionality of an already well-thought-out, and oiled program like they had, not to say it it was the best, but It was pretty darn good and only needed to be tweaked, not rewritten, move buttons wherever you want, make , or take redundant   buttons away, but when you guys sit down and write these programs, do you ever ask yourself what are the best features that already exists within the program, or at least ask your users? This is a fail. I did hear of a program that works a lot like iTunes, but in functionality is supposed to blow it away, I will have to go back and find where I heard this, and when I do I will post It here so that you all can enjoy.

  • verbcrunch Level 1 Level 1

    the biggest kahuna wrote:


    .. I did hear of a program that works a lot like iTunes, but in functionality is supposed to blow it away, I will have to go back and find where I heard this, and when I do I will post It here so that you all can enjoy.

    This whole debacle jarred me into realizing how important my music library is to me - and how dependant I've been on iTunes to help manage it.       The best alternatives I've found only run on Windows.     Mac alternatives include    and Miro


    The biggest problem for me is wanting to preserve the "date added" of songs in my library - that tag is impossible to migrate as far as I know.     


    Would love to learn of iTunes alternatives anyone else is using.       For now I've reverted back to iTunes 10.7, but still want to untether my library from iTunes since clearly Apple is heading for cloud and stream based listening, and away from storing the media yourself.   Like it or not this seems to be what most users prefer, so our method may become archaic.     But I still have all my vinyl and CD's..  I want my mp3's too.

  • WimYogya Level 1 Level 1

    The trouble with iTunes (not listening to what the customers want/need) made me move to another media manager. Before I had MediaMonkey but that was user-unfriendly and not stable.

    Now since 2 weeks I use (free) MusicBee and I consider it fantastic: fast, stable, userfriendly, flexible, good support forum. It has ALL the options you miss in iTunes and many more.

    Highly recommended!

  • saruman84 Level 1 Level 1

    is very uncomfortable, not being able to choose, to view the album artwork, the list view.

    A good program where you can choose how you want to see your music.

    iTunes 11 obsolete and commercial

  • dubsoni Level 1 Level 1

    This itunes 11 is becoming increasingly more frustrating. I am tired of development time going into the store.  3 of my personal biggest gripes with 11.


    1. The topic of this thread


    2. Simple hot key removal such as "COMMAND + I" to edit or view meta information


    3. Play counts not updating if while using the crossfade feature.


    I can understand back end issues with #3. But why the removal of the other 2???


    These are such big headaches for users with large databases who like to keep their playlists clean and their libraries organized.


  • dubsoni Level 1 Level 1

    2 thank you for fixing this apple. cheers!

  • smp242 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok I've seen most of the posts and needless to say I am also not happy with the changes to Itunes 11.  I have the same conerns that have been expressed.  I used the artwork preview a number of times and now it's gone.  Also I just copied a purchased disk (not through the IStore) and it copiedthe artwork to most of the songs but some are missing it.  In the paste I could copy and paste the artwork to the songs that were missing it now it can't be done.   Any suggestions this is a real bummer.  Cetainly is not as useful as before and would appear as another corporate lto force everyone to buy from the IStore

  • nbrumme Level 1 Level 1

    We should all submit feedback to


    EVERYBODY PLEASE SUBMIT FEEDBACK!!!! if enough of us raise the issue I am sure they will notice and change it.


    In the meantime does anybody know of an iTunes plugin that can get the artwork box back in the lower left?

    Does anyone know if a plugin like that is even possible?

  • WimYogya Level 1 Level 1

    Migrate to - free, wonderful, stable, and TONS of features that iTunes does not have, including the art work in the lower left.

    I migrated 2 weeks ago and I consider it fantastic!

    Including the support forum, with direct replies from the single developer, if necessary - not from a commercial company

  • Steve Gallagher Level 1 Level 1

    WimYogya wrote:


    Migrate to - free, wonderful, stable, and TONS of features that iTunes does not have, including the art work in the lower left.



    The correct Music Bee site is


    But this is the Mac/iTunes forum and it's a Windows only program.


    But, one of the best library managers on Windows just announced they're coming out with a Mac version.


    Check out:

  • Kris04 Level 1 Level 1

    In Itunes 11 click on the File tab, then Library, then album artwork and it should get all artwork for you!

  • sieges12 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been an APPLE sicko since 1990. I cant admit in public how much I have spent on Apple products for fear my wife will kill me ( for real !).


    Apple does not give a **** about real music lovers.


    #1 To not allow FLAC format as part of their ecosystem is absurd.

    #2 To have a MAXIMUM of 25,000 songs in Itunes match is also insane. I asked to pay more, but just have the ability to keep 1 account has been turned down for two years. I  have offered to pay whatever they want, and still its' NO NO NO.

    #3 its' 2013. The fact that there is not an easy way to manually add album covers to the 40% of my itunes catalogue that doesnt have covers is also INSANE !!!

    #4. Apple used to be the small-guy underdog. Their success has been their biggest ruination. Now they arent bigger than Microsoft....they are the largest company in the world ......They have more excess capital than our entire country. 70% is in cash and treasury type liquidity.

    .....they have the smartest and the best...We never got BLUE RAY even as an option...It took us 3 years to get USB 3 when no one wants the Intel super cables for $50 each.


    Apple single handidly got rid of CD's and Im OK with that...but at least give us Audiophiles the ability to

    keep our music as pure as we wish. For all of you Steve Jobs trivia buffs, you know that Steve was a

    HUGE vinyl listener. HE KNEW ABOUT PURITY OF SOUND. 


    PLease APPLE it would be so easy to do the right thing, and not forget who kept you in business for the last 20 years. Let me add album covers to my music. Let me play FLAC files EASILY in ITunes and in the future ,when there are technology advances like USB 3 , and you didnt invent it....bite the bullet and let your loyal customers, use the technology they deserve to have like Blu Ray technology...while Im at it.....How about a tiny slot on every I Pad to allow Micro SD cards for extra storage space. Its also perfect to move things without needing Blutooth or WiFi.




    Mike S

    New Jersey

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