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  • studyplenty Level 1 Level 1

    Is there any way to know if the Smart Playlist is just capturing files that are missing both Apple's added/downloaded artwork that does not get embedded into the file "Get Album Artwork" option or files without EMBEDDED artwork?


    I only need files without embedded artwork...

  • studyplenty Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like the Smart Playlist for files missing album artwork only displays files that are missing Apple-added artwork and not files missing embedded artwork.


    Unfortunately that makes it useless.

  • Rob Maurer Level 1 Level 1

    Eddie Strauss wrote:




    To answer this from your post:


    Unless I missed something, it's now impossible to view iTunes cover art under any circumstance at a size larger than 514 x 514 pixels. This makes no sense at all. In 11.0.2, you could drag out the mini player to the maximum dimension available on your monitor.


    You can enlarge the artwork just as you used to. When you see the small icon up an the top of the main window where the scroll bar is riding across, you can Command-Click it. You will be then presented with a picture of the album art that you can manipulate just as before. You can hand drag the lower right corner and I think also Cntrl-Clidk (right click on mice) and get a dropdown of view sizes.


    I didn't know there was such a thing as Cmd-Click and I certainly didn't see anything about it. But I did read that solution on here and I know it works.


    Nice investigating!


    What Command-click does is basically restore the pre-11.0.3 functionality, rather that just enlarge the post-11.0.3 functionality (in other words, no search or Airplay functions when you Command-click).  But that's OK with me.

  • M.J.O. Level 1 Level 1

    So finally iOS 7 adjusts the iTunes look to iTunes on the desktop - cover flow gone.

  • crabgrass Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Vidiat!  I do a lot of vinyl rips and I like to have multiple artwork (cover, label, back cover... etc) for each track.  I spent a lot of time doing the scanning and such and was happy with the way I could use the arrows on the bar above the art preview window to go through the various images. 


    I couldn't believe that they did away with it.  To rub salt in the wound, the little arrows still show up as you add images to the tracks by dragging them into the preview window, only to disappear once the image has been added.  The arrow is still there in the code... you just can't use it past 10.4.  I upgraded everytime hoping that it would return, but have stopped upgrading at 10.7.  I will not be going to 11 for fear that they have made more changes that further prevent me from using it they way I want.


    Once I can be sure of the proper procedure and that I won't lose or corrupt any of my 47,000+ music files (and attached multiple artwork), I'll be downgrading back to 10.4.  That Apple has chosen to remove this simple, elegant little feature is extremely disappointing.  If virtually all of my music files weren't AAC or Apple Lossless, I'd be tempted to ditch iTunes and look for a better alternative, which would also mean I wouldn't necessarily be looking to replace my current iPhone with another iPhone.  But alas, I'm in too deep and deeply hurt that Apple has chosen to not consider how many of their long-time users had been using their program.

  • Reavolver Level 1 Level 1

    As an avid itunes user since it started, i too am very disappointed in itunes 11.

    I would genuinely like to sit down with an developer and clearly go through my experience with the software and point out the incredible redundencies and diminished user experiences that are endemic to the software, which had been so convenient in previous versions, that have simply gone away.


    Since early 2011 there has been a slow decline, a gradual reduction in album art size, as if they thought they could ween us off of the artwork slowly.  The largest my artwork gets anymore now is in the "Mini-Player" a 2.25x2.25 square inch box with a semi-amusing juke box like feature.


    In addition, it's amazing that they figured out an algorythm that makes the background in Album view blend with the dominant color of the album itself, but honestly do i really need that.  There used to be features like, view your artwork at any size you prefer, and enjoy full built in quicktime player fucntionality while enjoying the artwork. Now it generates lists of music that in did not choose and seldom want.


    I have been desperately trying to find a voice to create a force that can be heard through this community to help precipitate changes to these features that are commonly dissapointing to long time users.   It seems like every APP these days on my phone and other devices is constantly updating with thoughtful changes based on user feedback.  In the past there has never been a feature of iTunes that i didn't like that i could not simply modify with a basic Terminal command to enhance my experience; for instance when they added a pop-up "Buy" buttons next to every song.

    I'm sure that there is a large community; genearly those with large music libraries, with a supportive iTunes following that would like to make some enhancements to the user interface.  I understand that the newest GUI interfaces are becoming more "lite" and versatile and attempting to add to the ease of use, but it seems like with the compromise of functionality and enjoyablity

    At the very least i hope that the developers at apple fine tune the basic flaws of redundant usablity and hopfully listen to the community.

    In general, if i click on list view, i do not immediately wish to switch to Album view simply because i played a song.  It's frustrating that with a very powerful mac controlling my iTunes, that some of the core mac GUI and Quicktime Features are unpredictable in this software.


    Bring back my Album Artwork.  Ease off on the gimics.

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    PLEASE do add the possibility to visualize the album cover of the selected or playing tune on the bottom left column, it was my favourite iTtunes feature!

  • jimthing Level 1 Level 1

    As per previous posts.


    - cmd+click (on Macs) on the image to the LEFT in the playback control bar at the top-middle when playing the track concerned, to get a single full-screen image of that track.



    (1) This only shows you the FIRST image of a multi-image booklet! Why??

    (2) It only shows upto "fit to screen" size and NOT "show fullsize", when you cmd+click the opened image.

    — so if you're on a small display, you cannot see the image detail any bigger within iTunes. Why??



    Unf-ing believably bad design! When all they had to do was incorporate these two extra things with a few extra lines of code!

    Really makes me angry with Apple and their entirely selfish attitude to the great many users who have spent the last decade incorporating multiple high-res images PER TRACK &/or PER ALBUM.



    Anyone got any workarounds?



    (this is NOT a feature request or feedback.)

  • EddieFV Level 1 Level 1

    Bring back coverflow!
    A lot of us have searched/scanned our thousands of covers, because we enjoy having them well organized and with a nice artwork showing while playing music. Right Now is just a bunch of thumbnails together, scrolling down thousands of records just to try to find the righ one from up tpo down and left to right is just a pain in the ***. Coverflow was simple, beautiful-looking and easy.


    Guys at Apple, please listen to your costumers. Bring Coverflow back. We love it. We all love it.

  • Kim Hill1 Level 2 Level 2

    I'm still using iTunes 10.7, but to upgrade to iOS7, you have to get iTunes 11 first, meaning: Goodbye cover art.


    Here's how I'm getting around that, and sticking with iTunes 10.7:


    * Boot from a different (temporary) hard disk volume, which has iTunes 11.1 on it.


    * Copy over my active iTunes library (from iTunes v.10.7) to the proper location in the iTunes folder on the temporary boot disk.


    * Launch iTunes (11.1) on the temporary boot disk, which then converts the library for use with iTunes 11.1.


    * Upgrade iPhone & iPad to iOS 7.


    * Go back to using my main hard disk, which still has iTunes 10.7



    Note that every time I want to sync my iOS devices, I'll have to boot from the temporary hard disk, replace its iTunes library with the current iTunes library from my main hard disk, and have it converted once more for iTunes 11.1. But I only sync a couple times a week, and this is a price I'm willing to pay in order to be able to manage my cover art.


    Note: for sync to work, the iTunes library on the temporary hard disk has to point to your real iTunes music folder, which is probably on your main hard disk. To get around this, I made a symbolic link (use something like this: ) to the "real" music folder. There are probably more ways to do this, too.

  • Rapmusik Level 1 Level 1

    Since iOS 7 now requires iTunes 11, will you please, please, please bring back the cover art preview at the bottom left corner when in the "Songs" view?  This is ridiculous.  Now there is no way for us to see the image in its true size, 600 x 600 pixels (like we used to be able to do by simply clicking on that left-corner image) unless we "Get Info", artwork tab, right click, copy, and paste into Paint to verify?!  How is this program a step up from before?  Instead you want to restrict our freedom and the way we want to enjoy our music libraries or just change it all and assume that everyone will love it.  Why can't you make it optional?! You already had it as an option before, just throw it in there again to make everyone happy.  The people that want it to look like it does now, you know, boring, with no cover art preview when you click on a song, fine.  They can turn it off.  It would be so easy and we would be so happy!  I really am so depressed not having this feature.  I don't always want to play a song just to see the artwork or go to "Get Info" every time?!  Seriously?  That's how it has to be? C'mon now.

  • Glassix Level 1 Level 1

    Rapmusik, you are so right. To not have ANY artwork in songs view is beyond ridiculous. It actually makes no sense whatsoever. APPLE THIS IS ALL WE'RE ASKING FOR. A VISUAL CLUE TO WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO! Sorry for yelling, but I'm tired of banging my head against a wall since iTunes 11 came out.

  • pethead Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks very much for this info, it's saving loads of time after ITM seemed to delete a lot of artwork.



  • vincejr Level 1 Level 1

    Any update to this?  Has art for the "selected track" been added back into iTunes as of the latest update?  I can't seem to find it and I've looked around, I keep hoping that it will be added back in, on an update.




  • Rapmusik Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly, no.  But I'm still hoping for it someday.  Keep up the discussion, keep submitting feedback!