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I'm currently setting up my first OS X Server (after years of Windows) and have configured the (Mac Mini) server with a new OD and created a test user.


However, having created a test user account initially I can't seem to log into the client using this OD account, but I'm not sure how (if) I should somehow be specifying the director/server during login.


I've bound the (test) client to the directory and at the login prompt on the client I'm clicking "other" and typing just the username/password combo with no joy.


Should I be specifying the server or directory somewhere during login, i.e. similar to the windows domain\username type string?


This is the first time I've tried such a setup since moving to Mac and can't seem to find what I'm looking for through googling so any pointers would be appreciated...





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    suppose you had your test user created from OD and login from that server - it should be no problem


    If you login from other mac, it has to be joined to OD server (like you join a computer to domain with Window) then login with your test account( local NETWORK  account)

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    Did you add your OD server as a Network Account Server in System Preferences on the client machine?


    If not, you need to:

    • Open System Preferencec
    • Select "Users & Groups"
    • Click "Login Options" at the bottom of the users list
    • You most likely will have to authenticate as an admin user at this point to change settings.  Click the lock icon in the lower left corner of the window and authenticate.
    • Click the "Join" button next to "Network Account Server"
    • Enter the information for your OD server, and you should be set


    You should now be able to login using a network account created in OD.