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  • DeepblueELO Level 1 Level 1

    Well... Sadly today I took a first step towards looking into the sunset of iTunes: I asked Apple's automatic update to ignore iTunes so I don't get bothered by it anymore. I'm still running iTunes 10.7


    I don't think that Apple is unaware of all the request posted here and elsewhere, I assume that any iTunes developer is able use the internet and gauge the situation. So I have to conclude that they are listening, but APPLE JUST DO NOT CARE.


    If some users don't like coverflow's artwork presentation and selection method, the old on/off feature would make everyone happy. By totally removing coverflow Apple is telling its users that they know better. Way to go!!!


    Apple is ignoring it users, it is time for me to ignore Apple. This mutually ignoring relationship have cronically deteriorated the core image of the brand: Apple touched the heart and soul of innovators, artists and people who wanted to change the world, now they are becoming just another hardware making company, a good one, but just another company without a soul. New mission: Let's increase sells regardless.

  • JBlonde Level 1 Level 1

    I avoided "upgrading" to iTunes11 because everyone was complaining about it but now today I had to update it because you can't use an iPhone 5s unless you have the latest iTunes. So I held my breath and did it but it seemed not so bad once it was installed.  Until just now when I realized that Cover Flow has been entirely removed. Of all the changes they made removing cover flow has to be the worst: it was one of the nicest looking things about iTunes and actually made you connect songs together in a different way rather than just looking at a dull list of albums or songs.  If you ask me, Apple made a big mistake by removing it.  Just give us the option to have it or not.  People who don't like it can switch it off but then at least those of us that do like it can have it.

  • Eone_eone1 Level 1 Level 1

    More than a year later, and Apple hasn't bother to take this relatively modest wish from loads of iTunes users into account. Its beyond belief really. Steve Jobs, oh Steve. What have these iggnorant ******** done to your temple...? I run my library on two computers, one old Powerbook G4 that they cant take away from me, my beloved flowing cover charts still run on that one. Unfortunately it has a amall screen so it couldnt compare to my major computer with its large screen. Unfortunately I downloaded this 11 catastrophe on that one...

  • djnizzi Level 1 Level 1

    i've been having this BIG issue with itunes11 since day one. but from time to time when i look at my modestly impressive music collection my rage with apple rises again i google if there's a way to get coverflow in itunes11 and the internet apparently says no and i get to this forum.

    i have a macbook which i only use when i'm away so i just didn't updated itunes and it's fine with me this way. the problem is on my windows machines because itunes11 is so much faster than itunes10 and has otherwise awesome look and features, on my win7 laptop i've updated it to 11 because i use it to sync my iphone also, but on my desktop pc i just refuse to do that because it's my media server and i NEED coverflow. i know and i use mediamonkey on pc it's the best music player on pc it also has a coverflow-like plugin for it but it's pretty unstable and doesn't look so good as the one and only original. if i have a house party i put coverflow on the projector it's so cool. so i'm stuck with itunes10 but it's so sloooooow on windows. worst move apple ever did

  • rhemfur Level 1 Level 1

    Even this days I still can't belive they have just take out the Cover Flow!
    How I miss the Cover Flow ... Please Apple put back this option!

  • 13Viking Level 1 Level 1

    The fact that this thread has been viewed more than 150,000 times at the time of me writing this, and this is just one of MANY threads out there with the same issue. You would think there would be a reaction. After all, history shows that once big corporations stop listening to their "fans" they start losing momentum. And once that happens the downward spiral can be fast and devasatating. Guys at Apple - clearly this is something loads of people want. How about you re-introduce this simple feature into iTunes.


    Alternatively, if someone clever has figured out a workaround (still using iTunes 11) I would be most grateful.

  • MacPow75 Level 1 Level 1

    Myself, I think the people at Apple who took Coverflow away from us should be forced to count the 1 billion dollars in nickles that Samsung paid them for "damages"... nickle by nickle... have fun Apple... I cheered when I heard what Samsung did... serves you right, Apple... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • KGeez00 Level 1 Level 1

    Many of us have the same sentiments.


    I believe Apple have know that they have a captive customer base, but now it feels like Apple are merely using us as cash-cows! Really there isn’t any other equal computer system or operating system, even with the problems!


    I and so disappointed that the company seems to be taking a detour from their initial principles. COVER FLOW is just a small example. I don’t buy the argument that iTunes 11 has been designed to save on memory.


    As there has always been a choice in how you view and use your iTunes, why is it going against the grain to leave this popular choice in, especially for the most of us who have oodles of gigabytes of space to play with. The iTunes Application can loose this for iPods, iPads and iPhones. Come on the guys at Apple you have been know to do the impossible in the past, why can’t you just do a tiny little miracle like COVER FLOW again in iTunes 11?


    I tried Cover Stream, unfortunately it seemed to create more problems so I ditched it and wouldn’t recommend it. (That is if they vastly improve it, it has features very similar to iTunes COVER FLOW).


    I’d also like to know if there is feasible way of incorporating COVER FLOW or something like it into iTunes? (It is still in Safari)! Something that works?


    Please Apple, please put COVER FLOW back in iTune?

  • Glassix Level 1 Level 1

    Gee, Apple was quick to listen to users of iWork. This article talks about how Apple has been adding old features back into the new iWork for iMac:



    Hey Apple, why can't we get the same results for Cover Flow??


    Time to post another message to the feedback page. Sigh.


  • 13Viking Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the link! A message has been posted. Fingers crossed...

  • Elmoronico Level 1 Level 1

    Coverflow together with albumartscreensaver was the perfect thing to have in the living room. The Perfect Jukebox. Obviously I stayed with 10.7.  I allready have problems with syncing my ipod to itunes (error 1437) after they told me there was an upgrade for the ipod. I wonder if we can use this for a long time or will they force us to upgrade any time later? If so, does anyone know a good simple alternative player that's good looking as Coverflow was?

    And if there are programmers reading this. If you want to make some money, create a good looking player! There's obviously a market for it.

  • Glassix Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with Elmoronico. I would pay for a 3rd party music player that emulates the best features of iTunes 10.7, especially proper viewing of album artwork. Programmers, bring it on!

  • RedCl0ud Level 1 Level 1

    -nt cuz i'm sick and tired of corporate thuggery. Please delete

  • RedCl0ud Level 1 Level 1

    I feel really bad for all you guys who did not  R T F T! before posting!


    There already is a option for a replacement. As mentioned about 150 posts ago!!!

    Earlier version of Songbird with the mediaflow extension is a almost perfect replacement for iTunes 10.7's coverflow feature.

    Not only that but its cross platform compatible and will work on any OS. Even MacOS and Linux.

    Its also 100% free and has some other great features as well. Songbird has plugin support as well so using it over a cloud interface is also doable.


    All thats left is for someone to go in and tweak the mediaflow extension slightly so that pan area width is exagerated more in its knetics.

    And maybe add a side||side slide out as apposed to the current flat slide pan method it uses. Thats it.


    You may need to change the max compatibility flag in the media flow extension then repack it but this is very easy to do and does not require any coding experience.





    But for all you who keep asking for a replacement or keep bringing up coverflow being removed from iOS 7 as well please keep in mind this thread is about coverflow on iTunes not that stuff.





    Now that thats said.

    I have to say to apple while i do like the new way album art is displayed i still miss coverflow in iTunes.

    This idea that no one used it is absolutely puposterous. I really don't know where they come up with this bullcrap. In fact the number one reason i started using iTunes in the first place was BECAUSE of coverflow.


    If this issue isn't remedied soon my next device will almost certainly be a HTC One.  Int.




    ps:  If someone could package up a MSI and post it with all the necessary flag changes in a neat little bow for the earlier Songbird with media flow extension that would be great. This way we could all post it in our signatures.


    That is sure to get apples attention!!!!

  • Elmoronico Level 1 Level 1

    150 posts ago Songbird wasn't prolly dead yet...

    Songbird announced on June 14th 2013 that it will stop all operations and shut down by June 28th. The company was unable to fund further business operations and as a result all operations and associated services will be discontinued.


    Any other suggestions?

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